Daily Wire’s Boreing diss on ‘Lady Ballers’ movie: “It’s not making it to theaters!”

Jeremy Boreing doesn’t reject preaching to the choir. He insists on it.

The co-founder and co-CEO of The Daily Wire says connecting with his fellow conservatives is both smart and invaluable. It’s partly why most of his company’s films, including “Shut In,” “Terror on the Prairie” and the upcoming “Lady Ballers,” can only be seen via DailyWire+ subscriptions.

Site readers can then go into the public and use the ideas and arguments shared on his platform with others, Boreing told the “PBD Podcast” this week. Especially progressives open to opposing points of view.

It’s how some hearts and minds can be changed.

He still wouldn’t mind seeing “Lady Ballers,” available Dec. 1 exclusively on DailyWire+, in theaters. Except it’s not possible in today’s climate.

The ribald comedy, produced by Bonfire Legend, follows a basketball coach (Boreing) who coaxes to his male team to dress like women and compete against all-female squads.

“For the right, going to the theater can be an act of protest. Buying a subscription to The Daily Wire is not an act of protest. So I think it would do much better in theaters than on our platform. Here’s the problem. That movie ain’t goin’ in no theater,” Boreing told host Patrick Bet David.

It’s hard to disagree.

Trans activists routinely deploy violence to stop anyone from questioning elements of their ideology. College athlete-turned-pundit Riley Gaines had to hide for three hours after trans activists stormed her San Francisco State appearance in April. They raged against her stance against trans women competing against biological women in sports.

Imagine the potential for violence in theaters nationwide if “Lady Ballers” enjoyed a standard distribution model.

Boreing cited a secondary reason why the film, budgeted at $7 million, won’t be seen on any screens larger than one’s television set. He recalled a meeting with UTA, one of Hollywood’s most prestigious talent agencies, in which the company seemed eager to work with The Daily Wire.

The representative didn’t blink at teaming with a conservative company … under one condition.

“The only thing is, you gotta back off this trans issue,” he recalls the executive saying. “This is THE religious issue of our time for the Left.”

Boreing quickly gives an example of what he means.

“The Hollywood trades have covered every movie we’ve made at The Daily Wire so far. They won’t even write about this one,” he said.

Editor’s Note: This reporter is a freelance contributor to The Daily Wire.

Boreing isn’t ruling out the theatrical model for other Daily Wire projects, though.

“We will have a theatrical strategy for many of our films going forward in the future, there’s no way this one [will be in theaters].”

Boreing, currently in production on The Daily Wire’s “The Pendragon Cycle,” doesn’t rule out other platforms for “Lady Ballers” moving forward. He might release the film at a later date on X, the Elon Musk platform which previously shared the company’s “What Is a Woman?” documentary on its one-year anniversary.

“Certainly we’re going to find broader and broader audiences for our content over time,” Boreing said.

If “Lady Ballers” ever makes its way to theaters, be prepared for some serious backlash from the trans activist community. Boreing stresses that this isn’t just a hypothetical fear. Trans activists have a history of violence, and any film challenging their ideology could be met with protests and worse. It’s a sad reality, but it’s the reality nonetheless.

On another note, Boreing had some choice words for Hollywood and its refusal to cover “Lady Ballers.” According to him, the Hollywood trades have covered every movie The Daily Wire has made so far. Every movie, that is, except “Lady Ballers.” Could it be that Hollywood is simply too scared to touch a hot potato like this? Or are they actively trying to suppress right-leaning viewpoints?

Whatever the case, it’s clear that Boreing is undeterred. He’s got big plans for The Daily Wire’s future film ventures. And if “Lady Ballers” is any indication, things are only going to get more controversial and more entertaining from here.

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