Dannielynn struts at Kentucky Derby like mother, Anna Nicole Smith, in stylish hats.

Discover how Dannielynn Birkhead, daughter of Anna Nicole Smith, stole the show at the Kentucky Derby alongside her father, Larry Birkhead.

Anna Nicole Smith, famous for her glamorous life and tragic demise, lives on through her daughter Dannielynn Birkhead. And guess what? Dannielynn recently attended the Kentucky Derby with her dad Larry Birkhead, looking all grown up at the ripe age of 17.

The dynamic duo rocked the 150th Kentucky Derby in style, with Dannielynn donning a stunning bright red Badgley Mischka gown and a matching Jane-Rose Zupetz fascinator. Meanwhile, Larry kept it dapper in a light gray suit and a purple tie. Talk about a father-daughter fashion moment!

Larry spilled the beans to Us Weekly about their Derby experience, revealing that Dannielynn is really getting into the fashion scene at the Derby. She even rocked a dress that belonged to Janet Jackson the day before and got a fresh haircut for Derby Day. Oh, and did you know that Dannielynn is a fan of the horse named Mystik Dan? It’s all in the name, baby!

But the fun didn’t stop there. The night before the Derby, the father-daughter duo attended the prestigious Barnstable Brown Gala at Barnstable-Brown Mansion. Dannielynn stunned in a floor-length black gown with zippers and combat boots – a fashion statement that would make any fashionista proud. And let’s not forget about her long blonde locks, which mysteriously transformed into a shorter ‘do the next day at the Derby.

If you’re wondering about Dannielynn’s style inspiration, look no further than her favorite character Hino Eiji, Kamen Rider OOO TaJaDor combo. Larry spilled the beans on Instagram, mentioning that Dannielynn insisted he mention this character when talking about her dress. Hey, a girl’s gotta have her style icons, right?

It’s a tradition for Dannielynn and Larry to attend the Kentucky Derby and the Barnstable-Brown Gala each year. These events hold a special place in their hearts, with Larry reminiscing about the time he met Dannielynn’s mom at the gala 20 years ago. It’s a bittersweet moment, considering Anna Nicole Smith’s tragic passing when Dannielynn was just a baby.

And speaking of being a single dad, Larry joked to Us Weekly about his various roles as Dannielynn’s parent – from bodyguard to chauffeur, he does it all. But at the end of the day, he takes pride in being a dad and raising a normal, well-adjusted kid. And from the looks of it, Dannielynn is growing up just fine, attending the Kentucky Derby with style and grace.

So here’s to Dannielynn Birkhead, the teenage fashionista who’s making her mark at the Kentucky Derby alongside her devoted dad. Who knows what the future holds for this dynamic duo, but one thing’s for sure – they’ll always have each other’s backs, whether it’s at a glamorous gala or a thrilling horse race. Cheers to the fabulous life of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter!

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