“Our friends” : a Science-Fiction & Epic Action Novel

Our Friends Tom Baskam
Our Friends Tom Baskam

A massive, threatening alien flagship approaches Earth. Dr. Carlo Mancini, from the Martian Institute, believes it’s a super predator.

Sara begins her first day at her new job, unaware of the titanic clash of two worlds that will soon thrust her into the spotlight.

Who are these aliens? Why have they come? Who is Sara, really?

Buckle up for a thrilling space odyssey with tumultuous space and ground battles, heart-pounding action, and the desperate but courageous response of humanity.

This epic war will take you around the planet on a journey that’s both temporal and intimate. When the situation demands radical transformation, no one emerges unscathed.

Will you hold on until the end and be a part of this new era?

Science fiction enthusiasts, raw action lovers, and fans of terrifying yet vulnerable heroes will dive headfirst into this refreshing novel that will make you cherish life beyond your wildest imagination.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this thrilling new adventure. Get your copy of Our Friends now!

Who are they
Who are they?
Who is Sara Really
Who is Sara Really?
What are they looking for
What are they looking for?

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