Reuben Owen’s TV star girlfriend: Generous gift, ‘terrified’ first meeting, Clive’s funny thoughts.

Get ready to fall in love with Reuben Owen and his girlfriend Sarah Dow as they embark on heartwarming adventures in the Yorkshire Dales. From their first meeting to surprises and witty banter, join them on their journey of love and laughter. Cheers to a captivating duo and the enchanting world of Reuben and Sarah!

Reuben Owen, the charming farmer from Our Yorkshire Farm, is making a comeback on our screens with his very own show, Reuben: Life in the Dales. And by his side through it all is his long-term girlfriend, Sarah Dow. So, how did these two lovebirds meet? Well, it all started in December 2021 when they crossed paths through their mutual friend, Tommy. Sarah, not afraid to get her hands dirty, quickly became a familiar face on Reuben’s family farm shows.

Despite the initial fear of saying or doing something inappropriate, Reuben was “terrified” of Sarah when they first met. It turns out, he’s not exactly a natural charmer. But as time went on, their relationship blossomed, and now they’re inseparable.

In a grand gesture of love, Reuben decided to surprise Sarah with a pre-owned car ahead of her driving test. The emotional moment was captured on an episode of Beyond the Yorkshire Farm, where Reuben presented her with a grey Ford Fiesta. Sarah was over the moon, calling it cute and appreciating the thoughtful gesture.

Now, let’s talk about what Reuben’s dad, Clive, really thinks about this romance. In a candid moment on Beyond The Yorkshire Farm: Reuben & Clive, Clive wasted no time in teasing Reuben about his relationship with Sarah. Despite his playful banter, Clive fully supports his son’s relationship and even joked that Sarah was “suffering” Reuben. But in his own humorous way, he pointed out that Reuben and Sarah are a perfect match, with their shared love for all things farm-related.

As Reuben’s solo show airs on Channel 5, we can only imagine the adventures and heartwarming moments that await us. It’s clear that Reuben and Sarah’s love story is one for the books, filled with laughter, surprises, and a whole lot of charm.

So, as we follow along with their journey, we can’t help but smile at the genuine connection they share. Who knew that a farmer and his TV star girlfriend could make such a captivating duo? But hey, stranger things have happened in the world of love, right?

So, here’s to Reuben and Sarah, may their love continue to grow and flourish in the beautiful Dales of Yorkshire. And let’s not forget to keep an eye out for Clive’s witty commentary – after all, what’s a romance without a bit of teasing from the father figure?

As we raise a toast to this delightful couple, we can’t help but wonder what other surprises and heartwarming moments await us in their journey together. Here’s to love, laughter, and happily ever after in the magical world of Reuben and Sarah. Cheers to their love story and the adventures that lie ahead!

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