Will Chris Fenton serve on APCO’s International Advisory Board?

Well-known producer Chris Fenton has recently become a member of the international advisory council of APCO Worldwide, a prominent advocacy and consultancy firm. This move comes after Fenton’s successful tenure as the former president of China’s DMG Entertainment Motion Picture Group. In addition to this new role, Fenton has also been serving as an informal adviser to the House’s Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party, led by Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI). In this capacity, Fenton hosted a roundtable dinner in Los Angeles, which included committee members from both parties engaging in discussions with industry professionals about the challenges of doing business in China.

As a member of the international advisory council, Fenton will work with clients to navigate the complexities of various markets, including China and the Middle East. His expertise in strategic communications and business strategy will be leveraged to assist clients in overcoming the obstacles they face in these regions.

In a statement, Fenton expressed his anticipation for working alongside other members of the international advisory council, stating, “Global capitalism is facing a new normal, resulting from a permanent, bipartisan climate of hawkishness in order to protect American interests. I’m looking forward to teaming with other IAC members to help multinational corporations and other globally-focused entities navigate these challenging times.”

Margery Kraus, founder and executive chairman of APCO Worldwide, also commented on Fenton’s appointment, saying, “With decades of experience in the entertainment industry focusing on international creative, investment, government relations, and communications, Chris has an impressive track record of propelling a major entertainment group into a multi-billion-dollar company.” Fenton’s involvement in the production and supervision of over two dozen films, as well as leading projects for major companies such as Marvel, Hasbro, and Valiant, has solidified his reputation in the industry.

Besides his professional achievements, Fenton is also the author of Feeding the Dragon: Inside the Trillion Dollar Dilemma Facing Hollywood, the NBA, & American Business, a book that provides a firsthand account of his experiences working in China. Additionally, he has served as a board trustee for the U.S.-Asia Institute and has co-hosted congressional delegations in China as part of the Mutual Education and Cultural Exchange Act.

The chair of the council is Dan Glickman, former chairman of the MPAA, who also serves as senior counselor. This leadership team brings together a wealth of experience and expertise in the entertainment and advocacy realms, positioning APCO Worldwide to offer top-tier strategic counsel to its clients.

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