Kim Kardashian gets roasted, but not in a good way, at Tom Brady’s Netflix event.

Kim Kardashian faced a less-than-warm welcome at Tom Brady's Netflix roast, but she bravely soldiered on, delivering hilarious burns of her own. Find out more!

Picture this: Tom Brady, surrounded by comedians, athletes, and reality stars at the Kia Forum for a good ol’ fashioned roast. But wait, what’s that sound? It’s not just laughter filling the room; it’s the unmistakable sound of booing. And who’s at the receiving end of this less-than-warm welcome? None other than Kim Kardashian.

As Kim Kardashian, the queen of reality TV and founder of SKIMS, took the stage at the “Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady” special, the audience’s response was far from welcoming. Instead of cheers, Kardashian was met with loud jeers and boos that echoed through the room. But did she let it faze her? Not a chance.

Despite the less-than-enthusiastic welcome, Kardashian bravely soldiered on, even as the booing continued. With a glass of wine in hand, she powered through the initial backlash, eventually winning over some of the crowd with her quick wit and humor. And when the boos finally subsided, she seized the moment to deliver some hilarious burns of her own.

During her roast set, Kardashian didn’t hold back. From poking fun at fellow roaster Kevin Hart to addressing the rumors of her supposed romance with Brady, she left no stone unturned. And when it came to her rumored fling with the football legend, she didn’t shy away from the topic.

“I know there were rumors about Tom and I dating, but I’d never confirm or deny it. I’d just release the tape,” Kardashian slyly remarked, causing a mix of laughter and gasps from the audience. She even joked that a relationship with Brady wouldn’t work out because he reminded her too much of Caitlyn Jenner, her stepdad.

But the real kicker came when Kardashian brought up her late father, Robert Kardashian Sr., and his involvement in O.J. Simpson’s legal team. “It’s hard for me to watch people roast you, Tom. But don’t worry, enough of my family members have defended former football players,” she quipped, earning a final round of laughter.

After a grueling three hours of relentless roasting from various guests, Brady finally took the stage to address the crowd. And in true Brady fashion, he didn’t hold back when it came to poking fun at Kardashian.

“I know Kim was terrified to be here tonight, not because of this, but because her kids are at home with their dad,” Brady jokingly retorted, surprising the audience with his sharp wit.

In an interview with ET before the event, Brady admitted that he wasn’t fully prepared for the roast but was excited to see how it all played out. With a mix of nerves and anticipation, Brady geared up for an evening of laughter, tears, and plenty of good-natured ribbing.

As the night came to a close, it was clear that the “Greatest Roast of All Time” had delivered on its promise of non-stop laughs and unforgettable moments. And while Kardashian may have faced some booing along the way, she proved that she could hold her own in the world of comedy and entertainment. Cheers to Kim Kardashian, the unexpected star of Tom Brady’s Netflix roast!

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