Will Hulk smash into Deadpool 3? Eric Bana may make a super-sized comeback!

Eric Bana shuts down rumors of reprising his role as Hulk in upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine film, stating he's not interested in major crossovers.

So, remember when Ang Lee’s Hulk smashed into theaters in 2003? Yeah, it was a different time for superhero movies. The genre was still figuring out what it wanted to be when it grew up. But hey, it was a stepping stone to the Marvel Cinematic Universe we all know and love today. Eric Bana was the man behind the big green guy back then, and while the movie did okay at the box office, pulling in $245 million worldwide, it didn’t quite hit the mark for many fans.

Despite some critical acclaim for Bana’s performance, he never got the chance to don the green skin again in a sequel or any other superhero flick. But wait! With the whole multiverse craze going on and all those rumored cameos in the upcoming Deadpool and Wolverine movie, could Eric Bana be persuaded to bring back his inner Hulkiness to the big screen?

Well, it seems like Bana has shut down that idea quicker than the Hulk can smash through a building. In a recent interview, he made it clear that he’s not interested in revisiting the role of Bruce Banner for any major crossover events or even in the Deadpool & Wolverine film. Sorry, folks.

“I can’t see that happening. I’m sorry, Jess,” Bana said coyly. “Hugh’s a very close friend of mine…still can’t see that happening.”

He even looked back on what drew him to Hulk in the first place. Was it the chance to work with the legendary director Ang Lee, or was it just the thrill of playing a Marvel superhero?

“A hundred percent. Yes,” Bana admitted. “At first, I was like, ‘No way. It’s not my kind of bag. I don’t think this is me,’ and then we thought more and more about it, and I just, because also I didn’t have a script when I said yes, so I was like, ‘Well, what’s this gonna be like?’ so I really, really was putting all my chips in the Ang Lee basket on that film.”

“I knew it was gonna be very, very different, and also, back then, it wasn’t a thing. The Marvel universe hadn’t started yet.”

Bana also pointed out how different it was to take on a superhero role back in the day when the idea of interconnected cinematic universes was just a pipe dream.

“You didn’t go and do those films thinking you were gonna do more than one movie. That paradigm didn’t exist, so you’re right. It was very, very much driven by wanting to work with someone like Ang.”

So, there you have it, folks. It looks like Eric Bana’s Hulk won’t be making a return anytime soon. But who knows what the future holds in the world of superhero movies? Maybe one day we’ll see him back in the green skin, smashing his way through hordes of bad guys. Until then, let’s just enjoy the ride and see where the next Marvel movie takes us. Cheers!

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