Chris & Katherine dubbed McMansion seekers for demolishing L.A. home: bad house karma!

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger have faced backlash for demolishing a historic home in Brentwood. Learn why people are upset and what they're building instead in this controversial Hollywood drama. #ChrisPratt #KatherineSchwarzenegger #HollywoodDrama

People are really upset with Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger. Like, really, really upset. The power couple managed to ruffle quite a few feathers in the architectural preservation community when they decided to demolish a $12.5 million historic home in Brentwood, California. The property, known as the Zimmerman House, was a gem completed in 1950 and designed by the late modernist architect Craig Ellwood. Instead of preserving this piece of architectural history, Pratt and Schwarzenegger are opting to build a farmhouse-style mansion in its place. Oh boy, here we go.

Why is the Zimmerman House special?

Let’s dive into what made this historic home so special before it met its unfortunate demise. Commissioned in 1949 by Martin and Eva Zimmerman, the house sat on a 0.83-acre estate and boasted five bedrooms and three bathrooms. With its blocky exterior and 2,770 square feet of single-story living space, this famed midcentury home was one of Ellwood’s earliest projects. The Robb Report noted that Ellwood is revered as a pioneering modernist architect, making his work quite rare and highly coveted.

When did Pratt and Schwarzenegger buy the home?

The Zimmerman House had changed hands a few times over the years, staying intact through each ownership transfer. However, in January 2023, the property was sold off-market for over $12 million, only to be promptly torn down by the new owners. And guess who those new owners turned out to be? None other than Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger, whose new digs conveniently sit across the street from Schwarzenegger’s mom, Maria Shriver. Talk about prime real estate location, right?

What are they building, exactly?

Instead of paying homage to the rich history of the Zimmerman House, Pratt and Schwarzenegger are opting for a more modern approach. They are currently in the process of constructing a two-story mansion designed by Ken Ungar, described as one of the Westside’s top designers of large modern farmhouse-style mansions. So, out with the old and in with the new, I suppose.

Pratt and Schwarzenegger slammed as ‘McMansion seekers.’

Social media is ablaze with criticism directed at the power couple for their decision to bulldoze the historic Zimmerman House. One Twitter user expressed their disbelief, stating, “I cannot believe they were allowed to do this. Gross.” The Los Angeles Conservancy, an organization dedicated to preserving historic places, emphasized the importance of respecting original architecture and design while adapting to modern needs. Seems like Pratt and Schwarzenegger missed the memo on this one.

Have Pratt and Schwarzenegger commented?

Surprisingly, both Pratt and Schwarzenegger have remained silent on the matter. Despite multiple attempts to reach out to their representatives, no response has been received. Curious, isn’t it?

Craig Ellwood’s daughter weighed in.

Erin Ellwood, daughter of architect Craig Ellwood, shared her thoughts on the controversial demolition. Although she admitted to not feeling bitter about the situation, she did express her disappointment in how the situation was handled. Ellwood believed that there could have been a more innovative and respectful approach to updating the home rather than tearing it down completely. She acknowledged the sentimental value attached to the Zimmerman House and lamented the missed opportunity to honor its legacy before its destruction. While she may not view the home as her father’s best work, she understands the desire to build a new home near family. Ultimately, it seems like a case of conflicting priorities and missed opportunities for a more thoughtful approach to preserving architectural history.

So, there you have it. People are up in arms over Pratt and Schwarzenegger’s decision to demolish a piece of architectural history in favor of building a modern mansion. Will they address the backlash or continue on with their construction plans? Only time will tell. But hey, at least now you’re in the loop on the latest Hollywood drama!

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