Is Stephen Mulhern discussing replacing Phillip Schofield on the ITV show?

TV star Stephen Mulhern has recently discussed the possibility of taking over from Phillip Schofield on Dancing On Ice. In an interview with the MailOnline, Stephen expressed his excitement about the idea, saying that it would be “absolutely amazing” if he were to land the job. However, he also made it clear that nothing has been confirmed yet and that he would let everyone know if and when it does happen.

With Dancing On Ice set to return in the new year, there are already many speculations about who might replace Phillip Schofield as the host of the show. Stephen Mulhern is one of the names being thrown into the mix, and he seems more than willing to take on the challenge. He has been keeping a close eye on the show’s line-up and is ready to step in if needed.

Stephen has previous experience with Dancing On Ice, having presented the spin-off series Defrosted on ITV2 back in 2016. He also filled in for Phillip Schofield last year when he was unwell. Stephen enjoyed his time on the show and particularly relished working with co-host Holly Willoughby. He mentioned that it was great to be back with her and the rest of the team.

Phillip Schofield left ITV earlier this year following revelations about a relationship with a colleague on This Morning. With the vacancy on Dancing On Ice, ITV is searching for a replacement, and Stephen Mulhern seems like a strong candidate. He has the experience, the charm, and the wit to host the popular show.

While Stephen’s potential involvement in the show is generating a lot of buzz, there is still uncertainty surrounding Holly Willoughby’s return to the ice rink. Although insiders suggest that she will be back, nothing has been confirmed yet. Holly recently left This Morning after 14 years due to an alleged plot to kidnap her, and there has been ongoing legal action regarding the incident. However, it is hoped that she will make a comeback.

The prospect of Stephen Mulhern hosting Dancing On Ice has received mixed reactions from fans. Some believe that he would make a fabulous replacement for Phillip Schofield, while others have reservations. If you have an opinion on the matter, you can share your thoughts on Entertainment Daily’s Facebook page.

Stephen Mulhern has expressed his excitement at the possibility of hosting Dancing On Ice, but he has also made it clear that nothing has been confirmed yet. As the show’s return draws nearer, fans will be eagerly awaiting any official announcements regarding the hosting lineup.

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