Professor T is back with more crime-solving antics in goofy series 4!

Get ready for some thrilling crime drama! Find out what went down in the dramatic finale of Professor T series 3 and get the scoop on a potential series 4.

Hey there, crime drama fans! Did you catch the heartbreaking finale of Professor T series 3 on ITV? If not, buckle up for some emotional rollercoaster because we’re diving deep into everything we know about a potential series 4 of Ben Miller’s crime drama!

So, what went down in the dramatic conclusion of Professor T series 3? Well, a woman was found dead at a car crash scene, leading our brilliant criminologist Jasper Tempest on a dark and twisted investigation. Flashbacks revealed some uncomfortable truths about Jasper’s past, particularly concerning his father’s demise. Turns out, it wasn’t the suicide everyone thought it was, but a grim act of self-defense by Jasper’s mother. Talk about a family secret!

But the real tear-jerker was the fate of Lisa Donkers, played by Emma Naomi. Just when things were heating up with her and Dan, tragedy struck. Lisa was run over – not once, but twice! – and left for dead. As we watched Dan weep over her lifeless body, Jasper donned his latex gloves, perhaps signaling that things weren’t looking too good for our beloved Lisa. Will she make it back for series 4? That’s a mystery we’re dying to solve!

Speaking of a potential series 4, Variety spilled the beans before ITV could even officially announce it. Yep, Professor T will be back for more sleuthing and drama! Ben Miller, Frances de la Tour, Juliet Stevenson, Barney White, and the new addition Sunetra Sarker will all be reprising their roles. But wait, what about Lisa? The suspense is killing us!

The new season is set to pick up six months after that jaw-dropping finale, with Professor T exploring a new musical pursuit. Romance is in the air for his mother Adelaide, and therapist Helena will find the lines between work and personal life blurring. Ben Miller seems eager to keep the investigations going for many seasons to come, so we can expect more thrilling cases and emotional moments ahead.

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Have you processed all the drama and revelations from Professor T series 3? Are you ready for more mysteries and emotional punches in a potential series 4? Let us know your thoughts and theories because the wait for more Professor T is going to be a killer!

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