Does Lil Yachty deliver his hits and a psychedelic rock adventure to Central Park?

Lil Yachty recently brought his new sound to Central Park’s SummerStage, showcasing his shift from hip-hop to psychedelic rock. His latest album, “Let’s Start Here,” marks a new beginning for the rapper and has garnered attention from fans old and new.

In the past year, Yachty has undergone a major transformation. Previously known for his red hair, AutoTuned voice, and comical lyrics, he had become somewhat pigeonholed in the SoundCloud, mumble-rap scene. However, with “Poland,” a viral rap hit released last year, Yachty emerged back into the spotlight. But it was his latest album that truly surprised fans.

“Let’s Start Here” deviates from Yachty’s rap roots and embraces the classic psychedelia of acts like Pink Floyd and Funkadelic. The album explores new sonic territory and offers a dream-like, surreal listening experience. With this reinvention, Yachty captured the curiosity of fans, who eagerly gathered in Central Park to witness his new sound.

The concert kicked off with Yachty’s band and singers dressed in white, accompanied by trippy visuals projected onto a large screen. The show started with the funky tunes of “drive ME crazy!” as Yachty gracefully glided in, singing soft vocals for “the ride” and “pRETTY.” It was a blissful introduction to the new chapter of Yachty’s career.

Although Yachty delved into psychedelic rock, he didn’t forget his roots. The concert felt like a two-act performance, with an electric guitar-assisted rendition of Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” serving as a bridge between the two genres. Eventually, the old Yachty emerged, performing fan-favorite bangers like “Yacht Club,” “Flex Up,” and “Coffin.” The stage lit up with strobe lights and lasers as Yachty energetically jumped around, his lyrics reverberating through the crowd.

Fans of both the new and old iterations of Yachty were equally entertained throughout the night. They enthusiastically sang along to his summery verses on tracks like “Broccoli” and “iSpy” while also enjoying catchy classics like “One Night” and “Minnesota.” As the concert drew to a close, the band returned for a final rock session, captivating the crowd with “the BLACK seminole.” The audience’s unwavering support throughout the entire show showcased the success of Yachty’s brand reinvention.

Yachty’s latest album has garnered praise from industry professionals, with Questlove even giving him a shoutout for pushing the boundaries of music and representing the future beyond just rap. As fans eagerly anticipate Yachty’s future projects (including an action movie based on Uno, the card game), it’s clear that he continues to evolve and impress, setting sail for new horizons in the music industry.