Metro Boomin playfully hits back at Ye’s digs at Drake and J. Cole on the remix.

In the world of hip hop drama, Kanye West and Metro Boomin take center stage. Metro responds to Ye's disses, emphasizing unity in music creation. Let's focus on the beats, not the beef.

Well, folks, buckle up – the hip hop drama train is chugging along and this time, Kanye West and Metro Boomin are in the spotlight. Spinning out of last week’s music fiasco when Ye took aim at heavy hitters Drake and J. Cole on the “Like That” remix, Metro Boomin has finally given his two cents. And oh boy, did he serve up some hot tea!

For those living under a rock, Kanye West has been taking potshots at his contemporaries lately. Drake and J. Cole got a front-row seat to this rollercoaster ride in the “Like That” remix. For the uninitiated, this song doubles as a head-bobbing bop and a whirlwind dis-track, with Ye stirring up all sorts of controversy.

But this is where the plot thickens. If you’re wondering who Captain of this musical battleship is, step forward, Metro Boomin. Known for his booming beats and colossal contributions to hip-hop, Boomin has now donned the gossip cap, responding to Kanye’s blunt-laced lyrics.

Proving he’s as good with words as he is with beats, Metro made it clear he’s not here for petty feuding. Rather than taking sides or throwing fuel on the flame, he urged artists to celebrate one another’s talent instead of tearing each other down. You’ve got to admire a guy who can stand in the middle of rapper rivalry whirlwind and still, metaphorically, keep his hat on.

Clapping back at Ye’s remarks, Metro took to his official social media handle because, well, where else do we air our laundry in 2022? He called out Kanye for stirring the pot, saying it’s “not cool.” His take was pretty straightforward – music isn’t about knocking other artists down, it’s about coming together to create something revolutionary, something booming.’

This saga serves as a stark reminder of what art has become in the age of Twitter and Instagram. It’s evolved into a juicy soap opera, filled with twists and turns, Instagram posts and Twitter rants. While we’re munching on our popcorn, though, it’s easy to forget the whole point – the music.

Metro Boomin raises an important point: while this back-and-forth may make for entertaining gossip fodder, it’s more important to rally around the common goal of creating memorable music. After all, tunes are all about passion, not potshots.

All this raises the question – when did the music hit the backburner while drama took the main stage? Isn’t it high time we swap dis-tracks for dope tracks, throwing down in a studio rather than in a Tweet?

In a world of streaming wars and chart battles, Metro Boomin’s words of wisdom offer a fresh perspective. As his beats drop and his takes raise eyebrows, it goes to prove that nothing ‘booms’ louder in our industry than unity.

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Let’s flip the record. Let’s focus back on the music. Let’s support artists who keep it about the beats and the bars, the rhythm and the rhymes, rather than the social media slinging matches. After all, isn’t that why we fell in love with hip-hop in the first place? Keep the vibe alive.

While we’re at, why not keep the conversation going? What do you think about this whole scenario? Are you team Ye, or are you backing Metro’s ‘Boomin’ viewpoint? And no matter what side you’re on, wouldn’t it be awesome if the feud can turn into a fantastic collaboration between these music maestros? Now that’s some drama we’d like to hear. Be sure to drop your thoughts in the comments below and share with your fellow music crusaders. Let’s get the voice of unity booming!

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