Kelly sings Reba, stepmom-in-law reacts – drama unfolds on Kellyoke!

In a heartwarming tribute, Kelly Clarkson impressively belts out a country hit by her former stepmother-in-law Reba McEntire on her talk show. Find out Reba's response and more about their close friendship here.

So, get this – Kelly Clarkson recently showed some love to her former stepmother-in-law, the one and only Reba McEntire, during an episode of her talk show. The 42-year-old American Idol winner decided to belt out “Till You Love Me” by the country music legend herself, who just so happens to be the stepmother of Kelly’s ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock. Talk about keeping it in the family, right?

Now, you may be wondering – how did Reba react to Kelly’s sweet tribute? Well, like any proud mama (or stepmama in this case), Reba took to social media to show her appreciation. She tweeted, “Thanks KC for covering my song,” describing Kelly’s rendition as “beautiful.” Can you imagine getting a shoutout from the queen of country music herself? Talk about a dream come true!

While Reba’s response was full of love and admiration, Kelly has yet to respond back. But hey, no rush – these ladies go way back and we’re sure Kelly has something equally sweet up her sleeve. After all, they’ve been longtime friends and have always shown support for each other, even after Kelly’s split from Brandon in 2020.

In fact, Reba didn’t hesitate to share her love for both Kelly and Brandon during the divorce, proving that family ties run deep, no matter what. And let’s not forget Kelly’s openness about her relationship with Brandon, where she revealed the reasons behind their separation and her “truth” about the end. Who knew Kelly had such a way with words, right?

But that’s not all – Kelly recently hinted at the possibility of jumping back into the dating game. Could there be a new man in Kelly’s life soon? Only time will tell, but we’re rooting for her to find love and happiness once again.

So, if you’re in need of a little pick-me-up, press play on Kelly Clarkson’s heartwarming cover of “Till You Love Me” below. Trust us, it’s the perfect feel-good moment to brighten your day!

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