Did Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce leave the Chiefs game together?

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were seen together at a Kansas City Chiefs football game, and it caused quite a stir on the internet! The 33-year-old singer looked like she was having a blast in Kelce’s suite, sitting next to his mom, Donna Kelce. And after the game, they were spotted leaving the stadium together.

A lucky fan caught the couple on video as they walked side by side towards the exit. Kelce was rocking his signature blue and white painted look, while Swift had her red cardigan tied around her waist. Although they weren’t holding hands, they were definitely walking very close together.

It’s unclear where they were headed after the game, but it’s clear that this isn’t the first time the two have crossed paths. Kelce previously tried to give his phone number to Swift at one of her concerts during her Eras Tour, but his plan didn’t quite work out. However, he did manage to invite her to one of his football games, and she took him up on that offer.

The video of Swift and Kelce leaving the game together has caused a lot of speculation about their relationship status. Are they just friends, or is there something more going on? Only time will tell. In the meantime, fans can watch the video and speculate all they want.