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Is Drew Barrymore putting her talk show return on hold amid strike pushback?

In a surprising turn of events, Drew Barrymore has announced that she is pausing her self-titled talk show amid the ongoing writers strike. Last week, Barrymore revealed that her show would be returning without writers and would abide by strike rules by not discussing struck work. However, after facing pushback, Barrymore apologized and stated that she would postpone the show’s premiere until the strike is over.

In a statement on Instagram, Barrymore expressed her deepest apologies to anyone she may have hurt and to the incredible team that works on the show. She mentioned that they tried to find a way forward but ultimately decided to pause the show until a resolution is reached for the entire industry.

This news comes shortly after Barrymore posted a now-deleted video apology on Instagram, where she accepted responsibility for her decision and explained that she did not have a public relations team behind her. She emphasized that the decision to restart the show was motivated by the fact that it was bigger than her and that other people’s jobs were on the line.

The Writers Guild, the organization leading the strike, had previously stated that it would picket any struck show that continued production during the strike. They confirmed that they would be picketing outside Barrymore’s show after she announced its return without writers.

During the picket lines in New York City, two audience members were asked to leave the taping after they entered the studio wearing pins that read “Writers Guild on Strike.” This incident has left them disheartened and alarmed by the whole process.

Overall, Barrymore’s decision to pause her talk show’s return is a significant development in the ongoing writers strike. It highlights the importance of recognizing and supporting the rights of writers in the entertainment industry. Let’s hope for a swift resolution that benefits all parties involved.