They asked Drew Barrymore to dial down her ugliness for ‘Never Been Kissed’.

Hey there pop culture connoisseurs! Have you heard the latest scoop on Drew Barrymore? It’s a doozy and just might put a wrinkle in your Netflix and Chill plans. Grab a bag of popcorn, sit back and prepare to be entertained!

Some of you may have been too busy ‘adulting’ and missed Barrymore dishing the dirt during her interview on “The Howard Stern Show”. If that’s you, fear not, because we are going to get you all caught up! Drew Barrymore was told to “tone it down” while filming the 90’s classic ‘Never Been Kissed’. Guess why? Apparently, she was “just looking too unattractive”. Can you believe it? Our beloved Barrymore, ugly? Come on!

Yes, folks, you heard that right. Hollywood’s sweetheart was given orders to dial down her appearance because she was apparently clashing with the film’s aesthetic. Shashayin’ behind the scenes and delivering the orders was none other than James Franco – the much-loved king of the quirky roles (ha!) We all know the type, right? “Too unattractive.” Seriously, what was Franco thinking?

Before we roast him completely, let’s provide some cinematic context for this absurdity. In the movie, Barrymore played a journalist named Josie Geller who goes undercover as a high school student. A 25-year-old back in 1999 (talk about a blast from the past!), Drew was told to tone down her act because her radiant natural beauty allegedly overshadowed her portrayed character, the nerd. Now that’s some Hollywood paradox, isn’t it?

Barrymore, ever the trooper, didn’t seem to take Franco’s ignorance to heart. That’s our girl! Instead, she played her part exceptionally well, showing versatility as an actress. She managed to effortlessly convince the audience that she was indeed an ‘unattractive’ high school misfit. If you ask us, that’s acting prowess at its best folks!

Now, don’t shoot the messenger, but we bet you’re at the edge of your seat, waiting to know Drew’s reaction. Was she offended? After all, being told you’re “too unattractive” isn’t exactly what one would call a compliment. Well, truth be told, Drew has always been one to take things in her stride. She explained her perspective in her typical carefree style, stating, “It’s comedy! Who cares if you’re attractive?” You tell ’em, Drew!

Hats off to Barrymore for gracefully taking the comment in stride and delivering a remarkable performance. Who knew we would find such an inspiring story behind the scenes of ‘Never Been Kissed’? We sure didn’t!

So, on that note, the next time you’re having a bad day or someone tells you to tone it down because you’re “too unattractive,” remember Drew Barrymore’s wise words and perspective. Keep shining your unique light and never forget the hilarity of ‘Never Been Kissed’!

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