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What is the scoop on Tink’s ongoing exchange with Hitmaka, all the way from Cancún to Instagram?

Tink and Hitmaka, two prominent figures in the music industry, have recently found themselves in a public feud that played out on social media. The drama began when Tink took to Instagram Live to express her frustrations with Hitmaka. She accused him of foul play and threatened to expose him if he released a certain video of her.

In response, Hitmaka posted his own video denying any knowledge of what Tink was talking about. He claimed that he hadn’t spoken to her in ten months and accused her of violating him. He also alleged that Tink had a history of violence.

According to Hitmaka, the altercation between them took place during a breakup. He claimed that he left a restaurant they were both at out of respect, but Tink and her friends began shouting at him. He accused Tink of physically assaulting him, but Tink admitted to her wrongdoings and confirmed that she was in the wrong for putting her hands on him.

Tink also accused Hitmaka of asking her for $2 million and not wanting to see her thrive on her own. She stated that true love is about supporting each other’s independence and growth.

Both parties shared cryptic messages on Instagram after the incident. Hitmaka posted a picture of Tink being escorted away from his car with the caption, “Thanks for being honest.” Tink later expressed her disappointment in the current generation and noted that people need guidance.

The public feud between Tink and Hitmaka highlights the complexities and challenges of personal relationships in the music industry. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of communication, respect, and support in any relationship.

Overall, the back-and-forth between Tink and Hitmaka on social media has attracted attention and raised questions about their personal dynamics. As fans and followers, all we can do is wait and see how this situation unfolds and hope that both parties find resolution and peace.