Erin Moriarty Departs Instagram After Negativity: Plastic Surgery Accusations and Controversy with Megyn Kelly

Erin Moriarty, star of "The Boys," leaves Instagram after receiving backlash, defending herself against plastic surgery allegations made by Megyn Kelly. Find out more about her shocking decision and her message to her followers. #ErinMoriarty #InstagramDeparture

Erin Moriarty, star of the hit series “The Boys,” has declared her departure from Instagram after receiving a barrage of negativity, particularly following criticism from former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. In a hilariously unexpected turn of events, the actress took to social media to defend herself against accusations of undergoing plastic surgery.

In a statement shared on her Instagram account, Moriarty expressed her shock and horror at the false allegations made against her. She revealed that she had received a message containing a video of Kelly’s comments, which she described as “disgustingly false” and “ironically misogynistic.” The realization that such false information was being spread widely left Moriarty feeling horrified.

The controversy arose after Kelly mentioned Moriarty during an episode of her podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show,” where she used the actress as an example of young people turning to plastic surgery. Moriarty clarified that the photo Kelly referred to was taken about a decade ago, when she was underage and had just gotten her makeup done, resulting in a significant contouring effect that made her feel pretty. Moriarty emphasized that the video and Kelly’s allegations were based on misinformation and constituted harassment and false news.

Fed up with the negativity and false accusations, Moriarty made the bold decision to leave Instagram and other social media platforms. She explained that her account would remain active solely for the purpose of making her statement available, but she would not have access to it for an extended, if not permanent, break. The actress expressed her dismay at the reaction she had received, along with the reductionist assumptions and the specific video that served as an example of harassment. She was heartbroken and disappointed by the entire situation.

In a defiant tone, Moriarty called out the horrific allegations, verbal abuse, and false information that had been perpetuated under the guise of exhibitionist feminism. While acknowledging that not everyone may believe her denial of the allegations, she firmly stated that she would not accept the way she had been spoken to or the way the situation was handled.

In a lighthearted twist, we can’t help but imagine Moriarty exiting Instagram with a grand flourish, twirling around and waving goodbye to the negative energy that plagued her on the platform. Maybe she even broke into a spontaneous dance routine, leaving her followers in awe of her grace and humor. As she disappeared from the virtual world, there might have been a few tears shed by fans who will miss her presence. But we’re hopeful that this break will allow Moriarty to recharge, refocus, and come back stronger than ever.

So long, Instagram! We can’t wait to see what Moriarty has in store for us when she returns. Until then, let’s remember to spread positivity and support our favorite celebrities, rather than perpetuating false accusations and negativity.

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