“Real Housewives of Miami: Where Are They Now? Catch Up on Their Glamorous Lives!”

Discover what happened to the glamorous 'Real Housewives of Miami' after the show ended. From new ventures to personal triumphs and love stories, these ladies are still living life to the fullest. Get the scoop and share it with your squad! #RealHousewives #Miami

It’s been a hot minute since we last saw our favorite ‘Real Housewives of Miami’ and their glamorous lives. The Bravo series introduced us to a cluster of wealthy women who were living life in the fast lane and were not shy about flaunting their extravagant lifestyles. But where are they now, you might ask? We’ll spill the tea today, and you may end up sharing it with your squad after!

First up is Miami’s queen bee, Lea Black. This cosmetics mogul and social activist has been keeping herself busy. After the show wrapped, she packed her bags and relocated her family to LA to focus on strengthening her luxury skincare line, ‘Lea Black Beauty.’ Still as committed to philanthropy as ever, she continues to organize the annual Blacks’ Gala in Miami. Looks like this southern belle rehearses her catchphrase “I can deal with a lot, but I can’t deal with stupid” as a mantra!

Oh boy, don’t we adore the fiery Cuban Barbie Adriana de Moura? After divorcing Robert ‘Old’ Cohen, she married the swashbuckling Frenchman, Frederic Marq, in a lavish ceremony. Of course, our very own mermaid is living her best life globe-trotting, donning thigh-high boots, and flourishing in the luxury real estate market in Miami. Who says life after reality TV ain’t promising?

Flipping over to the ever-vesuvian Joanna Krupa, This Polish beauty is living double the happily-ever-after scenario. Post her marriage falling apart with Romain Zago, Joana found love in Douglas Nunes with whom she tied the knot in 2018. The pair welcomed a little princess, Asha-Leigh, the following year. When not immersed in motherhood, Ms. Krupa is busy working for animal rights. How’s that for keeping the good karma flowing?

Then we have the super sassy Lisa Hochstein, aka “The Ultimate Housewife.” She bid adieu to her South Beach mansion just in time to move into her long-awaited Star Island dream home. Supporting her plastic surgeon husband, she runs a skincare line and looks after her adorable son Logan. Do we smell “Wonder Woman” vibes, or what?

And how can we forget the no-nonsense Marysol Patton? She’s still the PR wizard we love, running ‘The Patton Group,’ one of Miami’s top PR firms. Although she faced the heartbreaking loss of her beloved mother Elsa in 2019, she’s standing tall, celebrating her mother’s life and strength.

Remember Cristy Rice? The whirlwind of drama? She veered away from the public eye to focus on her kids and her boutique clothing line. Divorced from NBA star Glen Rice, Ms. Rice has been spotted with a couple of high-profile beaus but insists she’s enjoying single life. More power to you, girl!

And finally, the self-made Alexia Echevarria. This dynamo is still a big shot in the Miami media world, acting as editor of ‘Venue Magazine.’ Despite facing personal tragedy with the untimely death of her ex-husband and son, she found love again and married hubby Todd Nepola in 2021.

So there you have it, a down-low on your favorite Miami housewives! From career milestones to personal triumphs, heartbreaking losses, and second chances at love – they have seen it all. Their stories show us that life doesn’t stop after reality TV, it just gets more panoramic. So, now that you’ve been served this cocktail of updates, why keep it to yourself? Go ahead and share this with your friends, get that gossip marathon rolling!

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