Could this Innovative Arm Sling Revolutionize Comfort and Healing?

Discover a unique solution for creating a Velcro arm sling using a hoody and Velcro strips to alleviate post-surgery swelling and discomfort.

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After undergoing a successful arm surgery, one of the common short-term consequences is swelling in the hand and arm. To alleviate this discomfort, doctors often recommend keeping the arm elevated. However, finding an appropriate elevating arm sling can be challenging. In such situations, improvisation becomes necessary. This article explores a unique solution – creating a Velcro arm sling using a hoody and Velcro strips.

The Improvised Velcro Arm Sling:

In my search for an elevating arm sling, I discovered a limited variety available on the internet. Not wanting to compromise comfort and convenience, I decided to craft my own solution using a hoody and Velcro strips.

Materials Required:

1. Hoody or similar garment
2. Two wide Velcro strips
3. Sewing kit or fabric glue


1. Positioning the Velcro Strips:
– Sew or glue the top of the hook portion near the collarbone of the hoody, ensuring it is secure.
– Sew the bottom of the loop portion to the wrist area of the hoody.
– Remember to attach only one side of each hook and loop portion to allow some flexibility during movement.

2. Ease of Usage:
– Thanks to the Velcro strips, it becomes effortless to pull the arm away when both hands are required for a task.
– Once the task is completed, the arm can be comfortably secured back in place by fastening the Velcro strips.

Benefits of the Velcro Arm Sling:

1. Cost-Effective and Easy to Find Materials:
– Creating a Velcro arm sling using a hoody and Velcro strips is a budget-friendly alternative, utilizing readily available materials.

2. Adjustable and Comfortable:
– The Velcro arm sling can be tailored to fit your specific arm size and desired level of elevation, ensuring optimal comfort.

3. Convenient for Everyday Use:
– The makeshift sling allows for easy removal and reattachment, making it suitable for activities requiring the use of both hands.

While it can be challenging to find an appropriate elevating arm sling after arm surgery, improvisation can come to your rescue. By utilizing a hoody and Velcro strips, you can create a cost-effective and customizable Velcro arm sling. The convenience, adjustability, and ease of use make this improvised solution a viable option for those seeking relief from post-surgery swelling.

Remember, always consult your doctor before using any improvised medical devices to ensure they align with your specific requirements.

Is there any other way to improvise a Velcro arm sling?
Yes, one can explore alternatives such as modifying a backpack strap to serve as a temporary arm sling or repurposing a wide belt and attaching Velcro for arm support.

Have you tried any other creative solutions for post-surgery discomfort? Share your experiences below!

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