Can ‘Y2K’ Survivors Escape a Dial-Up Nightmare at a Chaotic New Year’s Eve Party?

Introducing A24’s ‘Y2K’: A Dial-Up Disaster Comedy that Promises Laughs and Thrills

On the last night of 1999, amidst the Y2K panic and the anticipation of a new millennium, A24 brings us ‘Y2K’ – a hilarious and heart-pounding dial-up disaster comedy. Directed by an upcoming talent, this movie revolves around the lives of two high school juniors who unwittingly find themselves fighting for survival after crashing a New Year’s Eve party.

The plot of ‘Y2K’ takes us back to a time when dial-up internet was the norm, a time when every new message arrival was proceeded by a series of screeching tones. It was an era of baggy jeans, Tamagotchis, and AOL Instant Messenger. In this nostalgic setting, our protagonists – played by talented newcomers – embark on what they think will be a night full of adventure and mischief. Little do they know, their evening will take a disastrous turn.

As the clock ticks closer to midnight, chaos ensues when a malicious computer virus infects the party’s central hub. Now, our hapless heroes must step up to save the day, not only for themselves but for everyone at the event. ‘Y2K’ masterfully blends comedy and thrills, ensuring that audiences will be on the edge of their seats – while simultaneously laughing out loud.

The first image released by A24 showcases the film’s quirky and vibrant aesthetic. Set against a backdrop of disco balls, neon lights, and retro Y2K decor, the protagonists find themselves surrounded by an array of colorful characters. From the anxious party host, desperately trying to fix the virus-infected hub, to the eccentric DJ spinning vinyl records, every detail and character in ‘Y2K’ seems perfectly tailored to transport us back to the iconic 90s.

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