Anthony Carrigan shares sentimental bond with Metamorpho in “Superman: Legacy”.

Get ready for Anthony Carrigan's thrilling portrayal of Metamorpho in Superman: Legacy! This talented actor is excited to work with James Gunn and bring depth to this unique hero. Learn more about Carrigan's connection to the role and the highly anticipated film hitting theaters on July 11, 2025. Don't miss out on this superhero extravaganza!

Anthony Carrigan is about to rock the DC Universe as Metamorpho in Superman: Legacy, and he couldn’t be more thrilled! This Emmy-nominated actor is ready to bring depth to the obscure hero and work with none other than James Gunn himself.

When asked about his upcoming role, Carrigan expressed his gratitude and excitement. He’s been dying to work with James Gunn for ages, and this opportunity is a dream come true. It’s like the coolest thing that’s ever happened to him, and he’s so grateful for it.

But let’s be real, it’s not just about playing a superhero for Carrigan. He’s all about finding depth and authenticity in his characters, no matter what they are. He loves to explore the opposites and find the humanity in every role. And with Metamorpho, he’s found a connection through his experience with alopecia.

Alopecia, you ask? Yep, Carrigan can totally relate to feeling different and misunderstood because of his condition. It’s like having the world look at you in a whole new way, and not in a good way. But that’s what makes him perfect for a character like Metamorpho, who feels cursed with his powers and struggles with his appearance.

But here’s the kicker – villains don’t really accept themselves, do they? Superheroes do. Carrigan believes in leading with love instead of bitterness, and that’s what makes Metamorpho so powerful. He’s not afraid to acknowledge his journey, and that’s something that really resonates with Carrigan.

And let’s not forget about Superman: Legacy itself. This much-anticipated project is set to bring a fresh perspective to the iconic character, exploring his origins and struggles with a dual identity. It’s a bold move that could breathe new life into the character and attract a whole new generation of fans. Plus, with James Gunn at the helm, it’s bound to be epic.

So mark your calendars for July 11, 2025, because that’s when Superman: Legacy is hitting theaters. And if you want to stay updated on all things DC Universe, be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel for more content. You won’t want to miss this superhero extravaganza!

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