New Bachelor teaser features a glistening Joey Graziadei sans shirt. Intriguing and sweaty!

Get ready Bachelor Nation fans! The new promo for The Bachelor introduces Joey Graziadei as the 28th Bachelor, ready to find love in an epic season. Get the details here! 🌹🎾 #TheBachelor #JoeyGraziadei #BachelorNation

OMG, Bachelor Nation fans, are you sitting down? Because we have some wild news to share! The new promo for The Bachelor features none other than Joey Graziadei, and he’s shirtless and sweaty and ready to find love! Can you believe it? The Pennsylvania native is taking the lead as the 28th Bachelor in the history of the franchise, and he’s not holding back.

In the promo, Joey is seen playing the sport he teaches for a living, tennis, and he’s declaring to a suitor, “I’m falling in love with you.” And if that’s not enough, he also tells the camera, “I am definitely ready to find my wife.” Who would have thought that the lead of The Bachelor would say such a thing, right?

But the tennis puns don’t stop there, my friends. As Joey overlooks an ocean and sits on a tennis court, a voiceover bellows, “One man will take a swing at finding his lifelong doubles partner.” And as fireworks go off in the background, and Joey teaches another woman how to swing a racket, the narrator continues, “He’s leaving it all on the court and his eyes are set on love.”

But wait, there’s more! Back in August, host Jesse Palmer announced Joey as The Bachelor after The Bachelorette lead Charity Lawson sent him home on her season finale and got engaged instead to Dotun Olubeko. “It’s sinking in very slowly but I’m trying my best just to stay present, enjoy it, but this is crazy,” Joey said at the time. “I mean, I’ll be the first person to say this is wild. I never expected this at all, didn’t know this is what my life is turning at this moment. So yeah, crazy stuff, but I’m excited.”

According to an ABC press release announcing him as the new star of The Bachelor, Joey is “looking for a life partner who is outgoing, caring, and shares his love for adventure and exploring the outdoors. He loves hiking, surfing and ending his days watching the sunset but knows he has much more love to give, and the only thing missing is someone with whom to share his life.”

After the news broke, Joey took to Instagram to confess that he experienced “true heartbreak” on The Bachelorette but was looking forward to his journey as The Bachelor. “I cannot wait to see what unfolds over these next few months,” the tennis pro wrote. “I have grown immensely with my time on the show and know that I’ll always have room for more growth. But I feel more ready than ever to find my person.”

So get ready, everyone! The Bachelor Season 28 premieres January 22 on ABC at 8/7c, and it’s going to be one wild ride with Joey Graziadei at the helm. Get your popcorn and wine ready, because we’re in for some entertaining drama!

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