Rachel Leviss spills Vanderpump Rules tea in new podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue

Get ready for some scandalous tea! Former Vanderpump Rules cast member Rachel Leviss spills the beans on her new iHeart podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue. Find out why she regrets season 10 and how Ariana Madix influenced her decision to skip season 11. Buckle up, it's about to get wild!

Rachel Leviss, also known as Raquel, has spilled the tea on Vanderpump Rules and it’s scandalous! The 29-year-old former cast member is about to launch her new iHeart podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue, and she’s ready to spill all the hot gossip.

In a preview of the podcast, Rachel dished about a big regret she has from season 10 of Vanderpump Rules and revealed how Ariana Madix influenced her decision to skip out on season 11. Are you ready for this drama? Grab your popcorn and buckle up, because it’s about to get wild!

“Looking back at that season, I was at my lowest of lows,” Rachel spilled about season 10. “Filming Vanderpump Rules after breaking off an engagement with James was a big mistake. I should’ve taken the time to heal and find a therapist.” Girl, we feel you. Breakups are rough, especially with a side of reality TV drama.

Rachel didn’t hold back as she talked about seeing James with his new boo Ally Lewber during filming, drinking heavily, and cringing at her on-screen interactions with them. It’s all too much, right? No wonder she’s not too keen on returning for season 11.

But the real juicy bit is when Rachel spilled the tea on her decision not to come back. “I could only imagine the pain I would cause by filming in the same environment with Ariana,” she confessed. “Being involved with somebody’s boyfriend while they’re still in a relationship is a huge betrayal and so painful as it is.”

“Then to continue working with these people,” Rachel continued. “And seeing the person that you loved so much and you thought they loved you just as much as you loved them, be conversing with this other person, it would just be so catastrophic, and I didn’t want to do that to Ariana. I didn’t want to put her in that position.” Girl code, am I right?

Rachel also threw some shade about physical violence and cutting people out of her life, hinting at an altercation with Scheana Shay that led to a restraining order and separate filming for the season 10 reunion. She added that she hasn’t heard from any of the cast since and she’s totally okay with that. Drama, drama, drama!

A few months back, a Vanderpump Rules producer shared their thoughts on why Rachel should have returned for season 11. And let’s not forget about Tom Sandoval discussing their affair, fighting for her, and where he stands post-breakup. Can we get a round of applause for the soap opera that is Vanderpump Rules?

If you want to hear the full scoop from Rachel herself, be sure to check out her new podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue. It’s bound to be a wild ride full of laughs, tears, and enough drama to make your head spin. Who needs reality TV when you’ve got Rachel spilling all the juicy details? Grab your headphones and get ready for the ultimate gossip session. You won’t want to miss it!

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