Sarah Rafferty Amazed by Suits’ Surge in New Fans on Netflix

Sarah Rafferty expresses disbelief at the massive influx of new fans thanks to Netflix. Excitingly, a new Suits universe series is in the works, expanding the show's legacy and impact. Cheers to the joy and escapism it brings!

Sarah Rafferty is absolutely floored by the ridiculous number of new fans that have jumped on board the Suits train thanks to Netflix. In an interview with People, the actress who brought the iconic Donna Paulsen to life on the USA series expressed her disbelief at the billions of viewing minutes the show has accumulated on the streaming platform.

For those living under a rock, Suits follows the story of hotshot lawyer Harvey Specter (played by Gabriel Macht) who, upon encountering the gifted yet unqualified Mike Ross (portrayed by Patrick J. Adams), decides to bring him into his prestigious law firm. Rafferty’s character, Donna, starts off as Harvey’s indispensable assistant before eventually climbing the ranks to become a partner in the firm.

“I don’t get it,” the actress confessed in response to the mind-boggling number of viewers. “I’m incredibly grateful, because our world sometimes right now feels like it’s growing increasingly dark and fractured and limited in moments, and I think that it helps — it makes me feel good. It’s just as simple as that — to know that this thing that we worked on for 10 years is providing escape for people, or providing connection, meaning, in any way, shape, or form. And if that’s just having a break from the news of the world, I’ll take it.”

In highly exciting news, Deadline reported in October that Suits creator Aaron Korsh is cooking up a brand new offshoot of the show for NBCUniversal. This won’t be a revival or a reboot, and it certainly won’t be a spinoff like the 2019 Pearson series. Instead, it will be a whole new Suits universe series, featuring fresh characters in a new location, adding to the likes of CSI and NCIS franchises.

It’s absolutely thrilling to see the enduring appeal of Suits and the impact it continues to have on audiences. Sarah Rafferty and the rest of the cast should be incredibly proud of the legacy they’ve built and the joy they’ve brought to viewers all over the world. Cheers to Suits and all the escapism it provides!

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