Paris joked about never changing her son’s diaper a month after his birth.

In a recent episode of ParisInLove, Paris Hilton joked about not changing her baby's diaper. But she clarified it was all in good fun! Find out more here. #SlivingMom

In a recent episode of her show ParisInLove, Paris Hilton made a playful comment about not changing her baby’s diaper for a whole month after his birth. But fear not, fellow diaper-duty doers, because Paris has assured us that it was all in good fun!

In a TikTok message to her fans, Paris clarified that she was just joking around when she made the diaper comment. She even shared a heartwarming photo of herself changing her baby’s diaper the night she brought him home. So, it seems that Paris is not a diaper-duty dodger after all!

In her message, Paris also reflected on the fact that sometimes her playful persona from her days on The Simple Life can overshadow the real, authentic moments of her life as a mom. It’s a struggle that many of us can relate to – finding a balance between humor and sincerity, especially when it comes to parenting.

While Paris loves to have a good laugh, she also emphasizes the importance of being real and responsible, particularly as a parent. It’s a reminder for all of us to find the humor in life, but also to cherish and respect the genuine moments that make life worth living.

So, let’s all take a moment to appreciate Paris’s honesty and humor, and remember that even celebrities have their playful sides. After all, who wouldn’t crack a joke or two about diaper duty? Happy Holidays and much love to you all from Paris and her little bundle of joy! #SlivingMom

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