Rob Schneider on Oscars: People are ignoring it, it’s become too politically correct.

Rob Schneider, the comedy icon, recently shared his sharp criticism of the Oscars in a conversation on "The Adam Carolla Podcast." Find out why he believes the Oscars have lost their appeal and why many others share his sentiments.

Rob Schneider, the comedy icon behind classics like “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo,” recently had some choice words about the Oscars, and they were as sharp as one of his punchlines.

In a conversation on “The Adam Carolla Podcast,” Schneider didn’t hold back. He started by praising his old friend Adam Sandler’s upcoming film, “Spaceman,” suggesting it could earn Sandler a Best Actor nomination. But the conversation quickly turned to the Oscars, and that’s when Schneider’s comedic wit hit its stride.

“Now that the Academy Awards are saying, ‘you have to have 40 percent in LGBTQ+’ … people have checked out because they realize this isn’t the best anymore. It’s just how far they can suck up to this particular ideology of idiocy,” Schneider said.

Not exactly mincing his words, is he?

And Schneider isn’t alone in his sentiments. The most recent Oscars telecast only attracted 18.7 million viewers, a far cry from the 85 million who tuned in to the 1973 edition. It seems like a whole lot of people have checked out, just like Schneider suggested.

The conversation then took a sharp turn into the realm of woke politics, with Carolla using the scandal surrounding Harvard President Claudine Gay to illustrate the current state of affairs. He pointed out how her race and gender are factors in how she’s being treated, in an increasingly woke world.

But it was the comparison to sports that really hit home. Carolla noted that in sports, the best of the best are on the field, regardless of race, gender, or any other factors. It’s pure meritocracy in action. And that’s what’s been missing from the Oscars in recent years.

Is “Moonlight” really the best film of the year, or was it chosen to check off boxes? These are the questions that Carolla and Schneider are raising, and they’re not alone.

It’s clear that Schneider, a comedy legend with a knack for satire, isn’t about to let anyone off the hook. And if the current state of the Oscars is any indication, it seems like a whole lot of people are in agreement with him. And maybe, just maybe, he’s onto something here.

So, while Schneider might not be in the running for an Academy Award any time soon, his bold statements on the state of the Oscars are certainly drawing attention. And whether you agree with him or not, you can’t deny that he knows how to get people talking.

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