Snoop Dogg Appoints White Woman as VP of Publishing at Death Row Records: Controversy Ensues

Snoop Dogg appoints a white woman as VP at Death Row Records, sparking controversy. But is her experience enough to justify the decision? Find out here.

Snoop Dogg is back in the headlines, and this time it’s not because of his music or his celebrity status. No, this time it’s because he’s causing some controversy with his latest business move at Death Row Records. The rapper has appointed a white woman, Kat MacLean Daley, as the vice president and head of publishing for the label. And let me tell you, people are not happy about it!

Daley’s primary focus will be on Death Row’s publishing business, and she will report directly to Snoop himself. This news has sparked a lot of social media chatter, with one person stating, “We need us in these positions,” and another expressing concern about white people capitalizing off of black music.

But let’s not jump to conclusions just yet. Daley brings some impressive qualifications to the table. She has over half a decade of experience in the music industry, starting as a college marketing rep at Universal Music Group in 2016. She then graduated summa cum laude at Berklee College of Music with a double major in music business management and professional music in 2017. Talk about an overachiever!

After graduating, Daley landed a position at Universal Music Publishing Group, where she worked her way up to become the director for music sampling and business development. She even cleared samples for big-name artists like Drake and Beyoncé, and worked on soundtracks for blockbuster films. Not too shabby, huh?

And now, she’s bringing her talents to Death Row Records, with the goal of modernizing the label’s existing deals and leveraging its legendary catalog. She hopes to bring Death Row to the forefront of people’s minds and playlists. So, maybe she’s not such a bad choice after all?

Snoop seems to think so. He’s confident that Daley is the right person to handle Death Row’s history while also pushing it toward the future. He believes that the talent that has been a part of the label for over 30 years deserves to have their songs heard, properly licensed, and paid as songwriters and producers. And apparently, he’s willing to trust a white woman with this important task.

Of course, not everyone is convinced. Some fans believe that a white person shouldn’t be in charge of a label that used to house hardcore rappers like Dr. Dre, Tupac, and Nate Dogg. But others argue that Daley’s credentials are more important than her race, and that Snoop is making moves to build for the long term.

Either way, the decision has been made, and Daley is now at the helm of Death Row Records’ publishing business. Will she prove the naysayers wrong and bring the label to new heights? Only time will tell. But at least we can all agree that this move has certainly got people talking. Good or bad, the controversy is real!

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