Another “Saw” movie coming out, because apparently we still need more

Lionsgate has decided to keep the terror train rolling with the announcement of “Saw XI”, much to the delight or terror of horror fans everywhere. The studio dropped the bombshell news on Instagram, with a spooky backdrop and Roman numerals announcing the release date of September 27, 2024. The caption simply read, “The game continues.”

Now, what’s really impressive about all of this is that “Saw X” only hit theaters a little over two months ago on September 29. So, to have another installment so soon is quite the accomplishment. It’s not the first time the franchise has pulled off such a quick turnaround though. After the success of the first “Saw”, “Saw II” was greenlit and released just 364 days after the original. Each subsequent entry followed suit, with “Saw 3D” being the one to come the closest to missing the one-year mark, hitting theaters 371 days after “Saw VI”. Then, after a seven-year break, the series came back with the 2017 revival “Jigsaw”.

“Saw X” did pretty well at the box office, grossing $53 million in North America and $107 million globally, which is not too shabby for a movie that only had a $13 million production budget.

As for “Saw XI”, there are no details yet on who will be involved. The studio has been tight-lipped, with a representative not available for comment at the time of the announcement.

Fans of the franchise will be pleased to know that Tobin Bell, who plays the infamous Jigsaw, made a return in “Saw X”. The 81-year-old actor reprised his role as the serial torture-contraption-crafting, self-improvement-guru in the latest installment, which delved into Jigsaw’s adventures below the border seeking treatment for a brain tumor. Shawnee Smith also returned as Jigsaw’s apprentice, Amanda Young. Kevin Greutert, who started out as an editor before taking on the director’s chair for the sixth and seventh movies, directed “Saw X”.

In a recent interview, Greutert hinted at a potential sequel, saying, “There’s a version that picks up immediately where this one leaves off, but it’s way too early to tell.” Well, now it’s not so early anymore, with “Saw XI” set to hit theaters in just nine months.

So, get ready to play the game once again as “Saw XI” is coming to a theater near you in September 2024. It looks like the terror is far from over for fans of this long-running horror franchise.

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