Social media buzzing over Jonathan Majors’ trial texts about tango with ex!

The internet has been set ablaze with social media reactions after text messages revealed in the trial of actor Jonathan Majors have shed light on his alleged physical altercation with his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. It seems that the drama has also dragged Majors’ current girlfriend, Meagan Good, into the mix, causing her to trend on X, formerly known as Twitter. The Shade Room previously reported that Majors was accused of assaulting Jabbari in March 2023, resulting in charges of strangulation, assault, and harassment. In a surprising turn of events, Majors has filed a cross-complaint against Jabbari, alleging that she committed unreported acts of violence against him during their relationship. It’s a messy situation, to say the least.

The courtroom drama began with opening statements on Monday, December 4. Majors made quite the entrance, hand-in-hand with his current girlfriend, Meagan Good, as well as his mother, sister, and Good’s mother. It was a star-studded affair, to say the least. Prosecutors alleged that Majors’ relationship with Jabbari started off with love notes and poems, but things quickly took a dark turn as his “true self” emerged. Jabbari, in her testimony, described Majors as prone to “rage and aggression,” creating a tense and intimidating environment for her. Pretty dramatic stuff for a courtroom setting!

But here’s where things took a turn for the bizarre. Jabbari revealed disturbing details of an incident that occurred between the former couple in September 2022. According to PEOPLE, text messages exchanged between Majors and Jabbari were presented in court, shedding light on a conversation about a potential hospital visit for a head injury experienced by Jabbari. Majors seemed to express concern about the potential consequences of Jabbari seeking medical attention, invoking the specter of an investigation and hinting that the injury might be “just fake.” It’s like a twisted soap opera playing out in real life.

It gets even more ridiculous. The text exchange continued with Majors making disturbing statements about suicidal thoughts and self-worth, all the while maintaining a manipulative hold over Jabbari. The whole courtroom was likely left with their jaws on the floor as Majors’ true colors were laid bare for all to see. No wonder Meagan Good started trending on X. Formerly known as Twitter. It seems that even the internet was shocked to see her support for Majors in the midst of such damning revelations.

Social media users wasted no time in sharing their reactions to Good’s presence in the courtroom. Some expressed shock and disbelief, questioning her decision to stand by Majors despite the disturbing nature of the text messages revealed during the trial. Others offered humorous takes on the situation, humorously imagining Good’s reaction to the intense courtroom drama. It’s the kind of social media circus that could only be inspired by the dramatic twists and turns of a celebrity scandal.

It’s clear that the internet has been set abuzz by the shocking revelations in Jonathan Majors’ trial, with social media users reacting in a multitude of ways. From shock and disbelief to humorous memes and reactions, it seems that everyone has an opinion on the matter. As the trial continues, one thing is for certain – all eyes are on Meagan Good as she finds herself at the center of the storm. It’s a real-life drama that would give any soap opera a run for its money. Keep those popcorn gifs handy, folks – this courtroom saga is far from over.

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