Janelle Brown laughs off Kody’s “Physical Specimen” claims from Sister Wives

In a recent interview, Janelle Brown from the popular reality TV show Sister Wives reacted to Kody Brown’s outrageous claims about her supposed infatuation with his physical appearance. According to Kody, Janelle only had eyes for his “nice pecs and great six-pack abs.” However, Janelle’s response was nothing short of surprising and certainly hilarious.

The Sister Wives: 1-on-1 special that aired on November 26 left viewers in stitches as Kody, 54, confidently stated, “I got nice pecs and a great six-pack abs, but that’s all she’s interested in.” According to Kody, Janelle saw him as nothing more than a “physical specimen” and as a “resource,” completely disregarding his humanity. Janelle, on the other hand, initially responded with laughter as she clearly did not see eye to eye with Kody’s interpretation of their relationship.

Janelle shared, “I really felt like our relationship was very, very good, and I feel like I’m like, wow … my perspective on what happened is so much more different than what he thinks. And I think in some regards, he’s flying from the hip right now. He’s just saying what’s in his mind. But it was so much more than that. Obviously. There’s way more to a marriage.” Janelle’s witty and candid response showcased her humorous take on the situation, and it’s clear that she was not taking Kody’s claims too seriously.

Not only did Janelle dismiss Kody’s outlandish beliefs about her supposed fascination with his physique, but she also shed light on their close-knit family dynamics. “We have six children and they are beautiful. Up until the last few years, they had amazing relationships with their dad, and I just feel, like, I’m not quite sure where that sentiment comes from, but it’s actually kind of funny.” Janelle’s nonchalant and lighthearted attitude in the face of Kody’s wild claims only added to the humor of the situation.

The humorous banter continued as Janelle and Kody’s unconventional relationship dynamic was put under the spotlight. The couple were spiritually wed in 1993 and share six children. Janelle announced in December 2022 that she and Kody had been “separated for several months” after nearly 30 years together. Their split came one year after Christine, 51, left Kody, and Meri Brown announced her split from Kody in January. Robyn Brown, who legally wed Kody in 2014, remains the only remaining wife. Despite the emotional rollercoaster, Janelle maintained her comical outlook on the situation, bringing a sense of light-heartedness to a topic that is rife with complexity.

As Kody’s love life took center stage, with his claims of only being truly in love with Robyn, Janelle continued to poke fun at the situation. Kody now purportedly claims that he was just “acting” as though he was in love with his three exes and was only ever truly in love with Robyn, 45. However, Janelle didn’t buy into his version of events and humorously noted, “I do think things changed when Robyn came, but I don’t feel like he was pretending or acting. I think he was doing what was important, and we were building this family together. And I think now he wants to brush it all off, but I don’t necessarily agree with his perspective.”

The funny bone was certainly tickled when Christine, following her marriage to David Woolley in October, claimed to have a newfound understanding of what it truly means to be in love. She shared, “I know now what it’s like to be in love and I know how it feels to be loved. I realized I didn’t really know what that was like. … Looking back, it was OK and it was fine for what it was. I never knew anything was wrong at all.” The candid and humorous vibe that Janelle and Christine brought to the table showcased their refreshing and down-to-earth take on Kody’s complicated love life.

In a nutshell, Janelle’s response to Kody’s ‘Physical Specimen’ Claims was nothing short of comical and lighthearted. Her relaxed and humorous take on the situation brought a breath of fresh air to the otherwise complex and emotional circumstances surrounding their relationship. The Sister Wives star’s casual and funny outlook serves as a reminder that even in the face of challenging times, laughter and humor can be the best medicine.

If you’re wanting to catch up on all the latest shenanigans, Sister Wives airs on TLC Sundays at 10 p.m. ET. And be sure to stay tuned for more entertaining updates from this larger-than-life family!

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