Chrisean Rock Chucked Social Media After Tamar Braxton Concert Fiasco

Chrisean Rock, the mother of one, recently found herself at the center of controversy after being accused of assault at a Tamar Braxton concert. Rock has since deactivated her social media accounts, leaving fans wondering what really went down at the event.

Tamar Braxton, known for her soulful voice and captivating performances, has been celebrating the 10-year anniversary of her album ‘Love & War’ with a tour. The latest stop on her tour was in Los Angeles, California, where she put on a stellar performance and even invited Chrisean Rock to join her on stage.

However, things took a turn when allegations of assault surfaced on social media. A member of Tamar Braxton’s team, James Wright Chanel, took to Instagram Live to share his side of the story. He claimed to be an innocent bystander and seemed to allude to being a victim of assault, without directly naming Rock.

According to Chanel, Rock was upset about not being able to perform her ringtone at the concert. When she stormed into Tamar Braxton’s dressing room with 1,000 people, things got heated, and Rock allegedly became physically aggressive, leaving Chanel with a chipped tooth and a bloody nose.

In response to these allegations, Chrisean Rock defended herself by stating that she was supposed to perform and labeled the assault narratives as false. Despite her attempts to clear her name, Rock went on to deactivate her social media accounts, leaving her fans in suspense.

As the drama unfolded, Tamar Braxton did not address the alleged assault directly, but she did show support for James Wright Chanel, expressing love for him “beyond life” in the comments section of his Instagram post.

The aftermath of the incident has left fans with many questions and little clarity on what truly transpired at the concert. It seems that we may have to wait for more information to come to light before the full story is revealed.

As of now, Rock remains elusive on social media, and Tamar Braxton has yet to issue an official statement regarding the allegations. The situation continues to unfold, and it’s clear that this concert drama has captured the attention of many.