Jenelle Evans swoons for David Eason despite alleged son assault.

So, there’s a new report out there that says Jenelle Evans hasn’t spoken to her 14-year-old son in six weeks. Yep, you read that right. Six whole weeks. Can you imagine not talking to your kid for that long? That’s some pretty crazy stuff. But hey, when you’re in love, you’re in love, right?

According to an insider who spilled the beans to The Sun, the former Teen Mom star hasn’t had any contact with her oldest child, Jace, since September 28. Why, you ask? Well, apparently it’s because he ran away from home after Jenelle’s hubby supposedly assaulted him. Yikes. That’s not exactly the kind of family drama you want to be involved in.

But get this – Jenelle doesn’t seem to care at all. Nope, she’s too busy being all loved up with that same husband who may have assaulted her son. Who cares about kids, right? They can take care of themselves. Jenelle posted some adorable black-and-white photos of herself and David snuggling up, and captioned it with all sorts of gushy and lovey dovey stuff. “No matter where I go I’m loved by you,” she wrote. “No matter where we are you always make me laugh…no matter where you are you protect me.”

Umm, Jenelle? What about Jace? Doesn’t he deserve some love too? Apparently not, because she didn’t even mention him in her post. Instead, it was all about how awesome her man is. She’s in constant contact with him, according to her, which is all that matters. Who cares if he may have abused her son?

And get this – there’s speculation that Jenelle and David have split up. But nope, that’s not true at all. She made it very clear that they’re still together and still totally in love. So, there you go. Case closed.

The sad part is, this isn’t the first time there’s been drama between these two. Jenelle filed for a restraining order against David back in 2019 because he was threatening her and getting violent with her. Yeah, that’s definitely not a relationship you want to be in. But it seems like she just can’t quit him.

So, what’s the deal with Jace now? Well, according to the insider, he’s living with his grandmother and hasn’t spoken to Jenelle since the whole incident. And she hasn’t reached out to him either. It sounds like he’s doing okay at least, and he’s enrolled in a new school. Hopefully, he’s in a safer place now.

It’s just crazy to think about all of this. You’d think that someone in Jenelle’s position would want to protect her kids above all else, right? But hey, love is a powerful thing. David responded to Jenelle’s post with some more lovey dovey comments, saying he’ll always be there for her. Ugh, give me a break.

In the end, it’s just sad to see all of this drama unfold. It’s like a soap opera that you can’t look away from. But let’s hope for Jace’s sake that things get better for him soon. He deserves it.

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