Jidenna reveals feeling “meh” about being “sneaky” with ladies before.

I chuckled when I read about the “Classic Man” Jidenna opening up about his past manipulative behavior with women. Now, I’m not laughing at his struggles, but his honesty and the way he’s owning up to his past mistakes.

In a recent podcast appearance on “What’s Underneath: Masculinity,” Jidenna spilled the tea about how he used to be a master manipulator. He confessed to lying for fun and enjoying the art of manipulation. Now that takes some serious talent, but not in a good way.

Jidenna even recounted an instance where he pretended to cry just to see how a woman would react. I mean, come on! That’s some next-level Netflix drama right there. But the most jaw-dropping moment was when he admitted to robbing women of their “baby-making years.” Yikes! I can’t even get my head around that.

The funny thing is, Jidenna confessed to feeling ashamed of his manipulative behavior, especially towards Black women. He admitted to using manipulative phrases like, “No one’s going to love you the way I do.” I mean, that’s some wild stuff! But I give him credit for coming clean and acknowledging his mistakes.

Jidenna also revealed that he hit rock bottom while in a polyamorous relationship. He felt like he “made it,” but when the relationship ended, he was left feeling unworthy of love. It was like a scene straight out of a rom-com, but without the happy ending. He even referred to his former self as “horror” and swore to work as hard at love as he did in his career.

But hold up, there’s a plot twist. In May, Jidenna spilled the beans to Ebro Darden for Apple Music, saying that he’s left his multi-women past behind and is now in love with his current partner. They even met on a beach, and he claims it was love at first sight. Kudos to him for turning a new leaf and finding that special someone.

Now, he’s all about reflection and open discussions in his relationships. He’s even compared it to having a press conference every night, constantly asking himself how he can do better. It’s like he’s the CEO of his own romantic life, and he’s taking it very seriously.

Watching Jidenna come clean about his past manipulative behavior and seeing how he’s turned over a new leaf is like watching a reality show, but with real, authentic growth. Kudos to him for being open and honest about his struggles, and here’s hoping he continues to spread some good vibes in his relationships. Keep it up, Jidenna!

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