Is Janelle Brown happy to say goodbye to Meri and Robyn?

In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Janelle Brown showed just how independent and strong she truly is. It all started when Kody Brown revealed to the camera that he had approached his ex-wife about the possibility of reconciling their relationship. This event took place around the same time Janelle decided to walk away from her spiritual union, making it a significant moment in their story.

During the confessional, Kody impersonated Janelle’s response, saying, “Well, I don’t know what your relationships with Robyn and Meri are, but I’m just not interested in being involved with those people.” He went on to label her reaction as sad because it went against the principles of their plural marriage. But where did Janelle truly stand on the matter?

In her own interview, Janelle admitted that Kody was right about one thing: she saw no reason to maintain a close relationship with Meri or Robyn. She emphasized that if they were no longer together, she saw no need to nurture a connection with them. Janelle stated that there was nothing they had in common and no overlapping interests that would warrant such a relationship.

While Janelle maintained a close bond with Christine Brown, her relationship with the other adults in the polygamous household seemed to have come to an end. She expressed her frustration with Kody’s preferential treatment of Robyn, mimicking him by saying, “Why would I want to get back together with you? It’s your fault. You’ll be a bad sister wife. I have to protect Robyn.”

Janelle believed that Kody never showed any true remorse, accountability, or vulnerability throughout their relationship. She mentioned that he never expressed love, longing, or a genuine desire to reconcile. It was always about bringing the family back together so that his life could run smoothly again. And Janelle had had enough. She was done with it all.

In his own confessional, Kody reflected on the strained state of their polygamous family. He admitted that it was sad and acknowledged that things had unraveled beyond repair. Despite this, he decided to try again and ask Janelle about reconciliation in the following week. However, he expressed his understanding that chances were slim.

As viewers, it’s hard not to look at Kody and wonder why he can’t see the reasons behind Janelle’s decision. Janelle has been strong and independent throughout this entire season, and it’s about time that Kody takes a good, hard look in the mirror to understand why she doesn’t want to reconcile.

Overall, it’s clear that Janelle has grown tired of Kody’s behavior and lack of emotional support. She has chosen to distance herself from Meri and Robyn, opting for a closer connection with Christine instead. Janelle’s decision to stand on her own two feet and prioritize her own happiness is a refreshing change in the Sister Wives narrative. Good riddance, Meri and Robyn. Janelle is better off without you.