Did Big Boi encounter a mishap with a live owl during his college football performance?

Big Boi‘s performance at a college football game took an unexpected turn when he decided to bring out an owl that wasn’t quite in the mood for the spotlight. The owl made a quick attempt to fly away, leaving Big Boi and the audience in surprise.

Big Boi took the stage in Georgia after Kennesaw State University’s game, accompanied by the school’s mascot, Scrappy the Owl. It seemed like a surefire crowd-pleaser, but sometimes things don’t go according to plan.

In a video capturing the moment, Scrappy is clearly startled and attempts to fly away as soon as Big Boi starts his performance. However, the owl was tethered to Big Boi’s gloved right hand, preventing it from escaping.

Big Boi’s colleague, Sleepy Brown, tried to divert the audience’s attention while Big Boi sought assistance, presumably from a professional handler. Despite the unexpected incident, the show went on without Scrappy, although it certainly made for a somewhat awkward exit.

Prior to the game, Big Boi shared a backstage clip with the owl, and things seemed calm and relaxed.

It’s clear that Big Boi has a deep admiration for owls, as he has been a proud owner of four of them—Tula, Simon, Whodini, and Hootie—as he showcased in a 2019 Rolling Stone interview. He clearly wanted to share his love for these magnificent birds with the audience during his performance.

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