Did Chile’s BF Distribution secure the Lat Am rights to ‘El Silencio de Marcos Tremmer’?

marcos tremmer

BF Distribution, one of the top film distributors in Latin America, has secured the Latin American and Spanish distribution rights to “El Silencio de Marcos Tremmer.” This film is being produced in collaboration with Carlos Hansen and Matias Cardone of Invercine Chile, who have joined as executive producers.

Directed by Miguel García de la Calera (“Caribbean, All-Inclusive”), “El Silencio de Marcos Tremmer” was shot in the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, and Madrid. Currently in the post-production phase, the film boasts an impressive cast including Benjamín Vicuña (“Mienteme,” “Locked Up”), Adriana Ugarte (known for her role in Pedro Almodovar’s “Julieta”), Daniel Hendler (winner of the Berlin Best Actor award for “Lost Embrace”), and Felix Gomez (“La caza”).

Cardone stated, “Given its A-list cast of Latin American and Spanish talent, we plan to release it next year in Chile, Argentina, and Spain to start.”

In “El Silencio de Marcos Tremmer,” Vicuña plays the character of Marcos Tremmer, a successful Uruguayan advertising executive living in Madrid. He is deeply in love with his wife, Lucía (played by Ugarte). However, one day, Marcos learns of a grim truth – he has a fatal illness that will claim his life within months. In an effort to protect Lucía from the heartbreak, Marcos makes a daring choice: he decides to conceal his condition and distance himself from her.

The film delves into the moral dilemmas surrounding the extent to which we can make decisions for others and explores the fine line between altruism and arrogance. Marcos’ decision to distance himself from his wife, a decision he initially believes is justified, gets questioned as the plot unfolds.

García de la Calera, who also produced the film, expressed his excitement about BF Distribution handling the film’s distribution. He said, “We are thrilled that BF will be in charge of distributing the film, allowing it to reach a broad audience in Latin America and Spain. Our hope is that it will eventually be available on platforms and screens worldwide.” The producers of “El Silencio de Marcos Tremmer” include García de la Calera, Adolfo López, and Hans García from the Dominican Republic, Félix Rodriguez and Pedro de la Fuente from Spain, and Federico Moreira from Uruguay.

This five-way co-production, which is a common strategy used by filmmakers to reduce costs and benefit from incentives offered by various countries, involves Spain, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Uruguay, and Argentina.