Does Travis Kelce find fans’ Taylor Swift-inspired costume amusing?

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Travis Kelce can’t calm down over this epic Swelce-inspired Halloween costume. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end and his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, cracked up laughing after watching a clever TikTok video inspired by Travis’ relationship with Taylor Swift.

On Wednesday’s episode of the brothers’ New Heights podcast, which was pre-taped before Halloween, the siblings reviewed fan-submitted Halloween costumes and offered their reactions. One of their favorites, undoubtedly, came in the form of a couple’s costume that included a man dressed as Taylor and a woman wearing a life-sized map on her body. The man, wearing a blonde wig, red lipstick, and silver sequin bodysuit – complete with fringe, looks perplexed as he holds a microphone, saying, “I don’t get yours.”

“Oh, wait, sorry, I forgot the best part,” the woman replies, handing him a cutout of Travis’ face. She then helps him place Travis’ face on the map and smirks at the camera.

The man, hilariously unamused, fires back, “He is a well-known athlete!”

The video is appropriately captioned “he needs to calm down” in honor of Swift’s 2019 Lover era hit, “You Need to Calm Down.”

While recording their podcast, Jason laughs uncontrollably as the video plays out. Travis, meanwhile, marvels, “Oh my f**king gosh. Oh my f**king goodness.”

“She put me on the map, right there in the video,” Travis jokes.

“That’s so good, man,” he continues. “The commentary, g**d**n, that was golden. Alright, hats off. That was well done. You get a round of applause for that one, I enjoyed that.”

Jason echoes the sentiment, saying, “That was great. That was so good.”

A source told ET on Tuesday that Travis, 34, and Taylor, 33, had plans to spend Halloween together, noting, “Travis loves Halloween and is planning on hosting some friends and teammates for a dinner party.”

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end confirmed as much in last week’s episode of New Heights.

“I’m pretty sure we’re gonna get the gang together and have a nice little dinner — or a nice little dinner party, I should say,” Travis shared. “Like a Halloween dinner party. Everybody comes in costumes and we have a party.”

As Wednesday’s new episode of New Heights was pre-taped before Halloween, Travis did not address his spooky soiree or whether he and Taylor dressed in costume for the event.

Also on Tuesday, a source close to the Kelces told ET that Travis and Taylor have the family’s “full support.”

“Everyone close to Travis loves that he is happy. He is on the path to finding that special person in Taylor,” the source said.

But the one big concern for the athlete centers around safety.

“There is a general concern about their safety given how high profile their relationship is and the added attention it’s brought,” the source added. “They’re so appreciative of their fans, but hope to keep some aspects of their relationship private going forward. This level of stardom is something new to Travis, and although he can handle it, he is still getting used to it. Safety is a major concern among everyone, especially given how passionate fans feel about their relationship.”

Romance rumors began swirling around Travis and Taylor over the summer, with the singer sending fans into a frenzy when she attended Travis’ game on Sept. 25 and sat in a private suite with the athlete’s mom, Donna Kelce. She has since been present at several of Travis’ games, and the two have made numerous public appearances together.

Travis will travel to Germany on Thursday for his team’s upcoming game against the Miami Dolphins.

For her part, Taylor released her album, 1989 (Taylor’s Version), last week.