What conditions does the director of ‘Aquaman 2’ have for a sequel?

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom is generating a buzz as it is expected to be the last film released by DC Studios before the upcoming DC Universe reboot. Fans are already speculating about a potential sequel, and director James Wan has expressed his openness to directing Aquaman 3, but only under certain conditions.

When asked about the possibility of a third film in the Aquaman franchise, Wan revealed that he would be interested if he could maintain the same creative freedom he had with Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom. He stated in an interview with Empire, “I haven’t directed a third movie [in a series] before, so I’d be open to doing another [Aquaman] if I got the same freedom I’ve had on these first two. I’m not sure what direction [Gunn and Safran] are going in, though, so who knows? I’ve learned to never say never.”

However, despite Wan’s enthusiasm for continuing the Aquaman saga, recent reports suggest that the future of the DC Universe may not include a sequel. Rumors are circulating that DC Studios is planning to recast every actor from the Justice League, including Jason Momoa, who portrays Aquaman. These rumors indicate that Momoa may be recast as Lobo, effectively ending any hopes for an Aquaman 3.

The future of the DC Universe is in flux, but according to James Gunn and Peter Safran, the vision for the revamped DC Universe includes locked scripts, flexibility, and a unified storyline across various mediums such as film, television, animation, and video games. They have revealed that elements from previous DC regimes may be reintroduced, suggesting that the universe will not undergo a complete reboot.

Other DC films, including Shazam! Fury of the Gods, The Flash, and Blue Beetle, have already been released following the announcement of the new DC Universe. Fans are eager to know if characters from these movies will make appearances in the revamped DCU, but only Gunn and Safran have the answers for now.


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