Is Joe Hunting, Director of ‘We Met in Virtual Reality,’ launching Virtual Reality Production Company Painted Clouds?

Joe Hunting, the talented director behind the HBO film “We Met In Virtual Reality,” is taking a bold step forward in the world of virtual reality (VR) filmmaking. Hunting is launching his very own production company called Painted Clouds, which will focus exclusively on creating original films and series using real-time VR technology, including the popular platform VRChat.

To bring his vision to life, Painted Clouds will utilize virtual cinema cameras that Hunting himself helped design. These cutting-edge cameras, combined with advanced full body and facial tracking technology, will capture the immersive environments and characters that define VRChat.

Expressing his excitement about this new venture, Hunting stated, “I’m thrilled to be moving forward in my aspirations to create progressive, diverse and emotive films using VR with Painted Clouds. I formed Painted Clouds with a passion to build a collaborative studio dedicated to real-time VR film production. Filmmaking inside VR feels like home to me, and I intend to build a talented crew of like-minded artists to continue fostering this playful cinematic form.”

Hunting’s previous work, “We Met In Virtual Reality,” premiered at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in 2022. This groundbreaking documentary explores the nature of online connections through the lens of virtual reality. Filmed entirely in VR, the film offers a unique perspective on virtual expression and interaction, particularly during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Variety’s Peter Debruge described Hunting’s documentary as “a warmhearted, often humorous look at the sociology of such spaces.”

In addition to launching Painted Clouds, Joe Hunting is also creating a virtual world in VRChat called Painted Clouds Park. This digital space will serve as a production studio and a versatile event venue for collaborative media events, educational workshops, and further experimentation with VR filmmaking technology.

Excitingly, Hunting’s next directorial project, produced by Painted Clouds, will be an original narrative series scheduled for pre-production in 2024. The logline for the series reads, “Filming inside VRChat, the project is an original dramedy with an overarching mystery, which follows a relatable group of online friends exploring a social VR platform with consequences both inside and outside the game.” With this new series, Hunting aims to push the boundaries of storytelling within the virtual reality medium.

Both Joe Hunting and Painted Clouds are represented by Cinetic Media, a respected talent agency known for championing innovative filmmakers and their projects.

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