Was Nichole Coats’ death deemed an ‘accident’ despite a reported gruesome scene?

In a shocking development, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner has concluded that the death of model Nichole Coats was an “accident” caused by a combination of drug and alcohol use. The report, conducted by Dr. Lawrence Nguyen, states that Coats’ death was a result of “cocaine and ethanol toxicity.” However, it is interesting to note that the case status is listed as open, leaving room for further investigation.

To provide some context, Coats’ body was discovered in her apartment on September 10th, amidst a gruesome and bloody scene. According to E! News, it was Coats’ father and aunt, May Stevens, who made the horrific discovery. They had become worried after not hearing from Nichole for several days.

The family was devastated by the shocking state in which they found Nichole’s body. May Stevens described the scene, saying, “I couldn’t recognize her. I believe it was murder, I really do. One of her legs was up in the air in a kicking position. That’s not somebody who just laid in their bed and died.” These heartbreaking words only emphasize the family’s frustration and desire for answers.

In an interview with KTLA, Nichole’s mother, Sharon Coats, expressed her anguish and demand for justice. She stated, “This is senseless, and I want some answers because my daughter is gone. And it’s not fair. I want everybody to find out who did this to her. She shouldn’t be gone.” The family’s pain and search for the truth is palpable.

The recent ruling from the medical examiner adds another layer of complexity to the case. It raises important questions about the circumstances surrounding Coats’ death and whether there may be more to the story. The family’s thoughts and reactions to this new development remain unknown, as they have not made any public statements at this time.

Another element of mystery surrounding Coats’ death is its proximity to the death of another model, Malessa Mooney. Just two days after Nichole’s body was discovered, Mooney was also found dead in her apartment. The close living proximity and similar professions of the two models led to speculation about a possible connection between their deaths. However, the local police have stated that there is no evidence suggesting that the deaths of Coats and Mooney are linked. This revelation adds another layer of intrigue and raises questions about the circumstances surrounding Mooney’s death.

According to Fox LA, the medical examiner has now listed the cause of Mooney’s death as “homicidal violence.” This shocking detail only deepens the mystery surrounding her case. As of now, there have been no updates regarding any arrests in connection with Mooney’s death.

It is important to note that these tragic incidents are not isolated cases within the modeling industry. Just recently, the plastic surgeon of another model, Jacky Oh, narrowly escaped criminal charges in relation to her death. The cause of her death was ultimately revealed, but the circumstances surrounding it remain enigmatic.

The deaths of Nichole Coats and Malessa Mooney serve as haunting reminders of the risks and dangers that some individuals in the modeling industry face. It is crucial that further investigation is conducted to uncover the truth behind these tragedies and bring justice to those who have lost their lives.

As the investigations continue, we can only hope that the families of Coats and Mooney will find the closure they so desperately seek. Their loved ones should not be forgotten, and their deaths should not go unanswered. May they rest in peace, and may their stories serve as reminders of the need for greater awareness and protection within the modeling industry.

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