Did Vin Diesel really deny Van Damme the Fast and Furious role?

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Jean-Claude Van Damme recently revealed that he was offered a role in the popular Fast and Furious franchise, only to be shot down by Vin Diesel, one of the main stars of the series. In a profile for The Telegraph, Van Damme stated, “They want me in Fast and Furious…But Vin Diesel said, ‘No, I don’t want him.'” This surprising revelation raises questions about why Diesel would refuse the opportunity to work with Van Damme, especially considering the franchise’s history of featuring other big-name actors.

The Fast and Furious franchise has become known for its star-studded cast, with actors like Kurt Russell, Charlize Theron, and Helen Mirren appearing in later entries. However, it seems that Van Damme won’t be joining the ranks of these celebrities anytime soon due to Diesel’s objection.

While the reasons behind Diesel’s decision have not been confirmed, it’s intriguing to consider the possibilities. Perhaps Diesel felt that Van Damme’s star power would overpower his own, as the franchise has successfully integrated various actors in the past. Another conjecture suggests that Diesel might have thought Van Damme’s acting style would be too over-the-top, a concern that supposedly caused tension between Van Damme and Jason Momoa in the past.

In addition to discussing the Fast and Furious debacle, Van Damme also commented on the excessive use of CGI in Hollywood today. He reminisced about the “golden age” of filmmaking when there was no CG, and actors had to perform their stunts themselves. Van Damme remarked, “It felt more real because it was real.” Although the Fast and Furious series heavily relies on CGI to achieve mind-blowing action sequences, Van Damme still admires the incredible stunt work that the films incorporate. He expressed pride in stuntmen, highlighting their role in making him appear strong on-screen, while also emphasizing his dedication to performing his own fight scenes.

Interestingly, Van Damme previously played himself in an episode of the television show Las Vegas, titled “Die Fast, Die Furious.” The episode revolved around a fictitious movie that Van Damme was starring in at the time of his death.

As fans eagerly await the release of the next installment in the Fast and Furious franchise, set for 2025, there is still a possibility for Van Damme to land a role in the series. It remains to be seen whether Diesel’s objection will hold, or if fans’ enthusiasm and support for Van Damme will influence the casting decisions.