Are Prince William & Kate struggling with the demanding pressures of royal work?

Prince William and Kate Middleton have reportedly been feeling the strain of their increased royal workload since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped back from the Royal Family. Sources claim that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are resentful towards Harry and Meghan for leaving them with the extra responsibilities. This added pressure is said to have had a negative impact on William and Kate’s marriage and family life.

According to an insider, William and Kate have had to take on even more responsibility since the Sussexes’ departure, resulting in less time spent together and more time apart. The source states that they often feel torn in different directions and believe that this wouldn’t be happening if Harry and Meghan hadn’t abandoned their royal duties. The constant work demands, combined with the absence of the Sussexes as a distraction, reportedly contributed to the strain on the Wales’ marriage.

Interestingly, it has been reported that William and Kate are now considering making waves in America, potentially posing competition for the Sussexes across the pond. They are said to be in the process of submitting a trademark application in the United States. PR expert Andy Barr suggests that if the Cambridge couple were to pursue opportunities in America, they would do so with greater ease and speed than Harry and Meghan, due to their advantageous connections and opportunities.

While it may seem amusing that William and Kate are complaining about their workload, there might be some truth to their grievances. The Sussexit, as the departure of Harry and Meghan from the Royal Family has been dubbed, seemingly marked a turning point in the Wales’ marriage. Without the Sussexes as a buffer, the strain on William and Kate’s relationship became more apparent. This raises the question of whether the family should have treated Harry and Meghan differently and whether William and Kate’s alleged racist behavior towards them contributed to the breakdown of their relationship.