How did Shaquille O’Neal influence Angel Reese’s Reebok partnership deal?

LSU basketball star Angel Reese has recently announced her endorsement deal with Reebok, making her the first athlete to partner with the brand since Shaquille O’Neal took over as President of Basketball. This partnership has caused quite a buzz in the sports industry, and Angel Reese shared the exciting news through a series of Instagram posts.

Angel Reese took to Instagram to share a collaborative video with Reebok, where she is seen getting ready and wearing layered necklaces that read “Reebok” and “Reese.” She also posted a picture of herself in a black and white Reebok uniform, accessorizing with icy jewelry pieces.

Reebok marked this occasion by conducting a Q&A session with Angel Reese to commemorate their partnership. Angel revealed that the deal began with a meaningful conversation with Shaq himself. She expressed her admiration for Shaq’s post-NBA moves and revealed her aspiration to achieve similar accomplishments in the future.

Angel Reese spoke highly of her experience chatting with Shaq, describing him as “super supportive.” She also highlighted the significance of receiving feedback from one of the best big men in NBA history. Shaq, on the other hand, expressed his enthusiasm for bringing Angel Reese on board as his “first appointment” at Reebok. He commended her for making a significant impact on the game and welcomed her into the Reebok family.

The announcement of Angel Reese’s partnership with Reebok has received widespread praise and recognition. Many are excited to see how she will contribute to the brand’s legacy and inspire the next generation.

Congratulations to Angel Reese on securing her Reebok partnership!