Is Kelly Rizzo at peace after her sudden ‘Special Forces’ exit and losing Bob Saget?

Kelly Rizzo recently made the decision to leave Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test season 2 due to knee and back pain. In an interview with HollywoodLife, Rizzo shared that she joined the show to test her strength and because of her deep appreciation for the military.

During a particularly challenging boat-carrying challenge on the October 16 episode, Rizzo reached her breaking point and chose to withdraw from the competition. She admitted to having mixed feelings about her decision, wondering if she could have pushed through a little longer. However, she recognized that she would have been holding her team back and felt it was best to bow out.

Rizzo experienced knee pain early on in the show, which made her consider quitting. The pain in her back compounded her concerns, and she worried about potential long-term damage. Despite her fears, she pushed through and gave it her all. Thankfully, she didn’t sustain any significant injuries, but it took her a week to fully recover and walk normally again.

Participating in Special Forces taught Rizzo that she is capable of pushing herself beyond what she thought was possible. Previously, she would give up when things became uncomfortable. However, in this competition, she persevered through the challenges and felt proud of her efforts.

Rizzo also reflected on what her late husband, Bob Saget, would have thought about her participation in Special Forces. She believes he would have both been proud of her for taking on the challenge and concerned for her well-being. Knowing him, he would have encouraged her to leave the show and take care of herself.

Regarding her grieving journey, Rizzo expressed that she is in a good place. Due to the immense support from Saget’s loved ones and her own family, she experienced gratitude for the time they had together rather than dwelling on what could have been. This sense of gratitude brought her peace early on in the grieving process.

When asked if participating in Special Forces had an impact on her grieving journey, Rizzo confirmed that it did. The experience pushed her out of her comfort zone and allowed her to connect with people who had gone through their own hardships. Rizzo realized that she wasn’t alone in her grief and found solace in bonding with her fellow competitors over shared experiences.

Overall, leaving Special Forces was a difficult decision for Kelly Rizzo, but she stands by it. She has no regrets, knowing that she gave it her all and prioritized her physical well-being and the well-being of her team. While she may have missed out on future challenges and experiences, Rizzo is at peace with her decision and looks forward to what’s next for her.

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