Who is the woman accused of stabbing multiple individuals at Atlanta Airport?

A shocking incident occurred at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport when a woman named Damaris Milton, 44, allegedly stabbed multiple people. The Orlando, Florida native now faces four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Damaris Milton’s Stabbing Spree Unfolded While Heading To The Airport

The incident unfolded on October 11th, according to Atlanta News First. It is believed that the first victim was a taxi driver named Selemon Melkamu. An officer’s incident report stated that Milton allegedly stabbed Melkamu near his shoulder while they were on the road. She then threw his phone out of the window.

“During this travel to the airport, Mr. Melkamu explained that he was stabbed in his right upper chest near his shoulder on 285 South after passing the international exit sign. He stated that Ms. Milton reached for his phone and then threw his phone out of the window onto the interstate.”

When officers arrived at the scene, they found Milton allegedly brandishing her knife at a Delta employee, who suffered a cut in the altercation. Despite attempts to use a taser on Milton, it was unsuccessful due to her multiple layers of clothing.

“The Taser deployed and hit the pants legs, since Ms. Milton wore multiple pants legs, the taser did not make contact in the skin.”

During the attempt to detain her, Lieutenant David Cannon of the Atlanta Police Department slipped on pepper spray and sustained a stab wound to his leg, as reported by Atlanta News First.

Injuries Treated, Accused Attacker Faces Legal Consequences

Medical professionals are currently treating the taxi driver and Delta employee for their injuries, as reported by WSB-TV. The police officer is now recovering at home.

Milton appeared in court on the same day as the incident, and reportedly became hostile when Judge John Parker asked if she wanted a public defender.

In response, she allegedly lashed out saying, “Y’all already said what y’all are going to do to me. Why am I answering any questions?”

Clayton County Jail records confirm that Damaris Milton is currently in custody without bond.


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