Do Jewish Organizations Back Kylie Jenner, Defend her Against Israel Post Deletion and Critics?

Kylie Jenner is receiving support from Jewish organizations in America for her pro-Israel social media post. These organizations are not only backing Jenner but also criticizing those who shamed her into deleting the post.

On Sunday morning, Kylie shared a post from StandWithUs, expressing solidarity with Israel after a deadly Hamas terrorist attack. However, due to the backlash in the comments, Jenner decided to remove the post.

Roz Rothstein, co-founder and CEO of StandWithUs, expressed disappointment that some individuals feel unable to express their true opinions due to pressure and intimidation from Hamas sympathizers.

Kylie was not alone in expressing support for Israel. Many other celebrities, including Gal Gadot, Bono, Sarah Silverman, Jamie Lee Curtis, Amy Schumer, Madonna, Natalie Portman, and Mark Hamill, also stood in solidarity with Israel.

The American Jewish Committee believes that the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas is an opportunity for celebrities to use their platform for good. They highlight the power of social media and celebrity influence in raising awareness and support for Israel.

Richard Hirschhaut, an AJC spokesman, commended Kylie for speaking out and acting with her heart in her initial post. He expressed his disappointment that she faced vicious and ugly criticism instead of support. Hirschhaut hopes that Kylie reinstates the post, as the power of social media and celebrity influence is crucial during Israel’s time of war and terrorist attacks.

The AJC is also calling on influencers of all backgrounds to display moral courage and support Israel’s high moral ground. They believe that celebrities with large followings should use their platforms to counter the sheer barbarity portrayed by Hamas terrorists on social media. Messages of love, support, and solidarity with Israel are needed more than ever during these challenging times.

According to the AJC, this is a moment for influencers to reveal their true values and stand up for what they believe in. It is an opportunity for them to demonstrate moral clarity and amplify their support for Israel.

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