Is ‘The Battery’ (2012) a part of the 31 Days of Horror lineup?

The zombie genre may seem overdone at this point, with countless movies and TV shows dedicated to the undead. However, “The Battery” manages to offer something fresh and intriguing, demanding the viewer’s patience and attention.

The film follows former baseball teammates Mickey and Ben as they navigate the challenges of a zombie apocalypse. While Ben focuses on survival, Mickey longs for the life they once had. Together, they must stay alert to avoid becoming one of the undead, all while finding moments to play baseball.

The term “battery” refers to the pitcher/catcher combination in baseball, cleverly tying in with the film’s theme. But “The Battery” is not your typical zombie flick filled with gore and flashy kills. Instead, it delves into the complex friendship between Mickey and Ben, highlighting how survival instincts emerge in the worst of times.

Despite its low budget of only $6,000, the film does not suffer in terms of quality. In fact, the filmmakers’ resourcefulness adds to its charm. They had to get creative, making squibs out of condoms for fake blood packets and battling wasps who took refuge in the used car used for filming, which happened to be the most expensive part of the production.

Overall, “The Battery” offers a unique and thought-provoking take on the zombie genre. It prioritizes character development and the exploration of human nature in extreme circumstances. So, if you’re looking for something different and engaging, give this indie gem a chance.

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