Will Chevy Chase join Steve Martin and Martin Short in Only Murders in the Building reunion?

Chevy Chase recently appeared on the podcast, WTF with Marc Maron, where he discussed his former co-stars Steve Martin and Martin Short. The trio had previously worked together on the comedy classic Three Amigos, forging a strong bond both on and off-screen. Martin and Short went on to collaborate on various comedy tours and have recently gained critical acclaim for their Hulu show, Only Murders in the Building. While Chase expressed his fondness for Martin and Short, it seems that he has no plans to join them on their hit show.

In the podcast interview, Chase praised his former co-stars as “very, very funny guys” and acknowledged their success with Only Murders in the Building. He admitted to watching the show only once or so and expressed his admiration for their work. However, when asked if he would consider a reunion on the show, Chase dismissed the idea with a laugh, indicating that he had no interest in joining the cast.

Despite his disinterest in reuniting for Only Murders in the Building, Chase spoke warmly about his time working with Martin and Short on Three Amigos. He reminisced about his contributions to the film, mentioning that he had written parts of it and played a physical role. Chase specifically recalled his involvement in the memorable singing bush scene, applauding Martin Short’s performance and the comedic interaction with the invisible swordsman.

During the podcast interview, host Marc Maron addressed the reputation that Chase has garnered for being difficult. Maron admitted to feeling nervous about interviewing Chase but was quickly put at ease when Chase displayed his sense of humor. When offered headphones for the interview, Chase jokingly responded, “Yeah, I’ll wear them. I like to hear my voice.”

The conversation also touched upon Chase’s experience working on the TV show Community. Chase expressed his dissatisfaction with the show, stating that he didn’t find it funny enough and felt constrained in his role. He emphasized that it was a minor point in his career and even admitted to occasionally forgetting about it.

While Chevy Chase may not be reuniting with Steve Martin and Martin Short on Only Murders in the Building, his sentiments towards his former co-stars are filled with admiration and nostalgia. Despite their separate paths, the bond forged through Three Amigos remains strong, creating lasting memories of their comedic collaboration.

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