Did Jimmy Kimmel recreate Kim and Kourtney Kardashian’s explosive fight in his late-night TV return?

Jimmy Kimmel made his long-awaited return to late night television by recreating the explosive phone call fight between Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. The moment was captured in an Instagram clip shared on Sunday, October 1.

In the clip, Kimmel is seen sitting on a couch, talking on the phone. He announces that his show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, is back on the air after the writer’s strike. Kim Kardashian, featured in the latest episode of “The Kardashians,” can be heard asking, “What do you mean?”

Kimmel explains that the writer’s strike is over and the show will be back. Kim responds with a raised tone, asking, “Are you happy?” Kimmel assures her that he is very happy and asks if she is happy for him. Kim, still in a frustrated tone, questions why she wouldn’t be happy for him.

Jimmy’s sidekick and fellow comedian, Guillermo Rodriguez, enters the scene with a margarita. Kimmel tells Kim that she doesn’t seem happy for him and suggests that she doesn’t even like the show. Kim disputes this, insisting that he is wrong. Kimmel ends the conversation by paraphrasing Kourtney’s original line, calling her an actual witch.

The Writer’s Guild of America strike, which lasted for 148 days, has come to an end, allowing Jimmy to make his official late night TV return on Monday, October 2. Fans expressed their excitement for his comeback in response to the funny video. Even John Stamos commented, saying, “Weird but GREAT!”

Meanwhile, Kim and Kourtney’s explosive argument on their Hulu reality series, which premiered on September 28, stemmed from their previous feud over Kim’s collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana. The tension between them escalated when Kourtney discovered that Kim used the same brand for her wedding ceremony in Italy.

Although it appeared that they had resolved their issues, the latest episode revealed that they had watched “the edits” from the previous season, where they talked about each other to friends and family. Fans are eagerly awaiting the unfolding of the fourth season, especially after seeing Kim and Kourtney sitting side by side during a confessional, where they were asked if people would be surprised to see them together.

Jimmy Kimmel’s recreation of the Kardashian’s explosive fight adds humor to his late night TV return and builds anticipation for what’s to come on their reality series. Fans can’t wait to see how the drama unfolds and the sisters’ relationship evolves.